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Dudes Dragons

The arcade version of the game appears in the 1989 film Parenthood, in which the son of Steve Martin's character wonders why the game is so difficult. Martin, grasping for an answer, says, "Well, they're bad dudes. That's why they call the game Bad Dudes". The Bad Dudes logo can be seen at the end of Stage 4 in Sly Spy, another Data East arcade game. In the 1990 film RoboCop 2, Officer Duffy gets pushed by RoboCop into a Bad Dudes Vs. DragonNinja arcade cabinet, but with Sly Spy built into it.[46][note 2]

Dudes Dragons

We'll be seeing more Data East classics on the Switch and other consoles over the next few months, so prepare for the onslaught of old-school goodness. On that note, dudes, we should totally go get a burger. Hahaha. 041b061a72


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