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@JayJ Quite the contrary on Eternal. I read a recent interview explaining why they decided to focus on a more single player experience for the sequel. They only added a okayish 2 v 1. The multiplayer from Doom 2016 if I'm not mistaken was created by a different team all together. Here's the article link from pure xbox _explains_why_doom_eternal_doesnt_have_a_deathmatch_mode


@Powerpellet I'm loving Eternal. Been a doom fan since I was playing the originals on a ms-dos computer as a kid. I think they stayed true to the identity of Doom with the reboots. Just fun, arcadey fun shotgun blasting demon's at a fast pace while strafing nonstop. To me the reboots are closer to a true doom game than doom 3. Although that's not to say I don't love doom 3, which I do. 041b061a72


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