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I am looking for some information/statistics for ACH fraud. More specifically, fraud related to externally initiated ACH debit fraud for small and mid-size businesses bank accounts. Yes, there are a number of sites that talk about this, but they are mainly pointing finger at the business end point being hacked and initiating an ACH transaction.


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More importantly the mechanism behind it is similar or the same as Stuxnet. But perhaps more importantly if you go back far enough you will find the method was discussed on this blog as a method to hack electronic voting machines long prior to Stuxnet.

China and Russia are getting stronger in the field of technology and hacking and if the Western societies wants to resist such cyberattacks, they have to allow every citizen to be individually strong and secure and also as a whole instead of advocating weak crypto, backdoors and such which will allow agents from China, Russia and such multiple options to strike at the information systems uses by the West via attacking the weakest link.

Type your responses into a notepad for curation before pasting them into web-based HTML forms to prevent JavaScript from reading every keystroke in the HTML form. Another way is to just disable Javascript altogether.

If they want to earn money from advertising then they need to get a grip on it. By stop using click bait or the scum line online malvertisers and ditching the need for javascript to be on. Otherwise they will join the dodo like other soon to be extinct entities.

Now hackers can get really personal and physical if they gain access to IoT enabled sex toys. I really wonder when will there ever be a defined limit as to the circumstances they will stop integrating IoT. Toilet bowls, dish washers, fridge, rice cookers, light bulbs, doors are all IoT enabled and now even sex toys. 041b061a72


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