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Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance

I fell in love with Doona Bae when I first saw Cloud Atlas, imagine how happy I am to finally see her in her natural habitat! Mr. Vengeance, unlike its cousins in the vengeance trilogy, is calm and quiet, though still equally brutal. It looks like a film the Coen Brothers would make for a Korean debut. An offspring of No Country for Old Men and Fargo.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

  • 35mm Print!\r\n\r\nSympathy for Mr. Vengeance explores the lengths to which honest people will go when circumstances push them into tight places. Deaf and individualistic, Ryu (Shin Ha-kyun) works at a factory and spends his spare time with his beloved sister (Im Ji-eun) and his offbeat girlfriend, Yeong-mi (Bae Doona). When he loses his job, Ryu takes desperate measures and becomes entangled in dangerous underworld activities. He soon winds up on the wrong side of his former employer, Park Dong-jin (Song Kang-ho), a dark force to be reckoned with. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance is a brilliantly constructed film and a brutal tale that Park imbues with a visceral atmosphere of overwhelming claustrophobia and desperation. Not for the faint of heart, the bitter irony of the film\u2019s bloody ending is that neither Ryu nor Dong-jin are violent by nature or vocation, making the film all the more affecting. Rather than glorifying cruelty, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance investigates the ways in which social conditions may push ordinary people down a slippery slope towards destruction. Park\u2019s exceptional film draws upon his own sympathy \u2014 not for vengeance itself, but for the pain that spawns it.\r\n\r\n2002 Toronto International Film Festival\r\n\r\nContent advisory: violence, sexually suggestive scenes, coarse language", "image": "\/\/\/22n7d68fswlw\/6NKDIf4KMOd2chiYQOHsoJ\/67a84b537ceb40d4aef62567898f82e6\/SympathyforMrVengeance_02.jpg", "director": [ "@type": "Person", "name": "Park Chan-wook" ], "performer": [], "location": [ "name": "TIFF Bell Lightbox", "address": "addressLocality": "Toronto", "addressRegion": "ON" ], "startDate": "2022-07-15T18:15", "endDate": "2022-07-15T20:29", "organizer": "@type": "Organization", "name": "TIFF", "url": "https:\/\/\/" } TIFF Homepage Transform the way people see the world through film. TIFF Twitter link TIFF Facebook link TIFF Instagram link TIFF Youtube link Subscribe to TIFF Organization Film Circuit

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The viewer's sympathy shifts in this movie from Ryu and his sister to Ryu's rich boss, Park, not to mention his poor daughter. Regrettably, this compelling, well-directed movie squanders all this sympathy by wallowing in an immoral humanist landscape of blood, rage, revenge, despair, and tragedy. Adding insult to injury, violent Communist terrorists brutally overcome the rich capitalist victim. Besides graphic violence, SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE also contains strong foul language, nudity and four crude, offensive and gratuitous sex elements. All this is depressing and ultimately abhorrent.Content:(HHH, AcapAcapAcap, CoCo, B, LLL, VVV, SSS, NN, A, DD, MMM) Very strong humanist worldview, with very strong anti-capitalist content and some Communist content, but Communist characters seem to be ridiculed a few times (though not in a vicious way) and movie contains other light moral points that implicitly rebuke revenge, create sympathy for a crime victim and express concern about the rising high cost of healthcare for the lower classes; 13 obscenities, including some "f" words, and man relieves himself at urinal; very strong violence includes images of corpses (including one little girl), two autopsy scenes with scalpel beginning to cut open chests of two corpses, man has stitches from having his kidney taken, blood gushes from neck artery after man stupidly removes the ice pick from wound, people beaten with baseball bat, stabbings, implied suicide and murders, man has deep wounds in back of both ankles, implied accidental drowning, depicted torture with electric volts, electrical power knocks another person unconscious; very strong sexual content includes depicted masturbation by four men, sounds of sex coming from upper apartment, man with pants down appears prepared to indulge in necrophilia, and lengthy depicted fornication scene; upper female nudity during explicit sex scene and in photo while four men masturbate and upper and rear male nudity; alcohol use; smoking and some drug use; and, stealing, brutality, kidnapping, bondage, cheating and betrayal, and lots of revenge that just ends in death, which could be an implicit rebuke of the idea of vengeance, but also seems to mistake justice for vengeance and, hence, contradicts the Bible's nuanced position on the issue.

A thirst for love, a thirst for recognition, a thirst for sympathy, a thirst for meaning, a thirst for life, and a thirst for blood. Director Park Chan-wook and actor Song Kang-ho, two of the biggest names in South Korean cinema, join forces for the first time in a modern take on the supernatural. In present day South Korea, Catholic priest Sang-hyun (Song) volunteers himself as a human experiment during the formulation of a vaccine against a deadly virus. When the experiment fails and he is thought to be dead, he resurrects as a conflicted vampire, one whose moral code continually goes against his intrinsic desires. Along with Song and long-time collaborator cinematographer Chung Chung-hoon, Park creates a riveting atmosphere that is both very scary and sad. By blending elements of horror and drama, he also achieves putting a fresh and unique spin on the time-honored vampire film.

Visually, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance is strikingly stylized but not grandiose, with relatively little camera movement and most of the images shot with a wide-angle lens. This increases the depth-of-field, meaning the actors and the background are both in focus, giving scenes a slightly surreal aura and subtly commenting on the way the surrounding world impacts the characters. In a similar vein, Park meticulously constructs the dire circumstances for each of the two central characters, making each painful or tragic development feel inevitable. These characters presumably could make smarter choices that would likely side-step the bloody and vicious confrontations that arrive with increasing frequency as the film goes on, but once Ryu and Dong-Jin become obsessed with vengeance, their fates are sealed. Park allows us to simultaneously empathize and feel disgusted by both of these men, which severely complicates any catharsis we might have expected to receive during the film's violent scenes.

Connor and Chance have a deathgrip on the Pepsi Yellow market. We're talking about Park Chan Wook's movie Sympathy for Mr Vengeance. We defend the idea of vengeance, Shakespeare's bad 1st dates, and Mr. Y arms.If you want more Animal Secrets content, join the Patreon below.@chancewillie@connorlarsencomedy 041b061a72


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