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Kate Ryan - Voyage Voyage

Since "Voyage, voyage" is sung exclusively in French, its chart success came as a surprise as it managed the rare feat of becoming a success in several nations usually closed to Francophone songs and artists, such as the United Kingdom and Ireland. In West Germany, the song topped the chart, and has the longest chart trajectory of 1987 in the top 20.[3] It also reached number one in Austria, Norway, and Spain. The song missed the top spot in France, peaking at number two for four weeks, behind Elsa Lunghini's "T'en va pas".

Kate Ryan - Voyage Voyage

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"Voyage, voyage" was also covered by the Mexican band Magneto in 1991, with a version in Spanish titled "Vuela Vuela" (English: Fly, fly). Mikel Herzog was credited with the translation. This version peaked at number three on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart.[54] The gothic metal band Sirenia released their cover of "Voyage, voyage" on 10 February 2021 as a single and music video to their album Riddles, Ruins & Revelations which also is included as a bonus track on the album.[55] 041b061a72


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