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"Poker Face" was acclaimed by most critics, who praised the song's robotic hook and chorus. The song attained worldwide success, topping the charts in 20 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many European countries. "Poker Face" was the best-selling single of 2009 worldwide, with over 9.8 million in sales that year. It is one of the best-selling singles of all time, having sold over 14 million copies. The accompanying music video for the song portrays Gaga singing it in various costumes and playing strip poker in a getaway villa. It was certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in 2015.

Strip Poker Exclusive 4 2009 With Bonus Girl Pack

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"Poker Face" was written by Gaga and RedOne, while production was handled also by RedOne.[1] Gaga stated in an interview that "Poker Face" was written by her as a pop song and was a tribute to her "rock 'n' roll boyfriends". She also stated that the main idea behind the song was sex and gambling.[2] When Rolling Stone magazine asked about the meaning of the line "bluffin' with my muffin", Gaga explained that it really was a metaphor for her vulva, noting "it's my pussy's poker face!". She added that it came from a lyric "Blueberry kisses, the muffin man misses them kisses" from an unreleased track called "Blueberry Kisses" where a girl wanted her boyfriend to perform cunnilingus on her.[3]

The music video for "Poker Face", directed by Ray Kay and aided by Anthony Mandler,[60] was filmed at the luxury villa on bwin PokerIsland[61] and featured bwin branded poker equipment as product placement.[62]The video premiered on October 22, 2008. It is set by a pool, as well as in a mansion. It begins with Gaga emerging from the pool wearing a mirror masquerade mask and a black sleeveless latex bodysuit with a jagged shoulder pad, with two Great Danes beside her. She throws the mask aside and the song begins with a facial shot of Gaga singing it.[60] Gaga wears a metallic sticker on her left cheek in this shot. Featured in the video are scenes of Gaga in a mansion and dancing poolside with her dancers in a turquoise leotard.[60] Gaga attends a wild party where every man and woman tries their luck on a strip poker game. The party gets wilder when all the party's guests strip down to their underwear, dance around, and share kisses with each other. The video also features several white mannequins on her swimming pool deck. During the musical interlude before the "I won't tell you that I love you" hook, Gaga is shown in her trademark "Pop Music Will Never Be Low Brow" sunglasses while sitting beside the pool. The video ends with the head shot of Gaga singing the Mum-mum-mum-ma hook.

In 2009, a single by rapper Kid Cudi featuring Kanye West and Common titled "Make Her Say" was released; it contains a vocal sample of the acoustic version of "Poker Face" from The Cherrytree Sessions EP. It features Kanye West, who also produced the track, and Common, as well as scratches from DJ A-Trak.[104] Actor Christopher Walken performed a special a capella rendition of "Poker Face" on BBC1's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross for Halloween 2009.[105]The song was also featured in the South Park episode titled "Whale Whores", sung on Rock Band by series character Eric Cartman, with guitar by Kyle Broflovski and drums by Kenny McCormick. During Cartman's performance, Stan interrupts to rant about Japanese whaling. After Stan gives a heartfelt speech and leaves on the verge of tears, the other boys resume the song and Cartman replaces the next verse's second line with "I don't give a crap 'bout whales so go and hug a tree."[106] On March 16, 2010, South Park's version of "Poker Face" became available as a downloadable song for the video game Rock Band, on the same day a Lady Gaga track pack featuring the original song was released.[107] Lea Michele and Idina Menzel, in character as Rachel Berry and Shelby Corcoran respectively, covered an acoustic version of "Poker Face" in the "Theatricality" episode of Glee. Their version debuted at position 100 on the Billboard Hot 100, and moved up to a peak of 20 on the next week.[108][109] It went on to become one of the show's most popular recordings; having sold 410,000 U.S. downloads, it remains the tenth best-selling song in the show's history.[110] "Weird Al" Yankovic included the chorus in his polka medley "Polka Face" from his 2011 album Alpocalypse.[111] During the end credits of the 2012 The Simpsons season-finale episode "Lisa Goes Gaga", Homer Simpson performed a parody version entitled "Homer Face".[112] On February 19, 2021, Kelly Clarkson sang a rock cover of the song during her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, on the Kellyoke segment.[113]

So... I bought this. I found a good deal on some Wii points. xD So I downloaded this and Secret of Mana.. I mean this game is better than Peek-a-boo poker that was for the NES. Hahahahah. It's not hard to make a better strip poker game than that one.. that one is blanddd. xDI downloaded this for the novelty value, and because it's a simple poker/blackjack game with nice visuals (and anime girls removing clothing, then putting it back on if you start to lose, then taking it back off if you start too win, it's rather humorous actually xD). It's more tasteful than say... BMX XXX.. or.. uhh.. The Guy Game shudders And the controls work great (not that there is much control, other than point and click cards and buttons).. Yeahhhh.. Stockings! Boobies! Yay! XDD

@Betagam7I've enjoyed playing those old Strip Poker games on the Commodore 64 so I don't think those games are totally pointless (after all, a strip poker game is always a bit more interesting than a regular poker with some imaginary money in it). And it's not like this Sexy Poker would be totally rubbish. The simple poker and blackjack games seem to play ok. It's just that they seem to be very "lite" versions of the real games. But even then it seems to be more complex than those old C64 and even Spectrum pokers.

My point is that although there are games of this genre available for free, this exact game isn't. The graphics are different, the women are different, the gameplay is slightly different. So, I someone wants to play a game of strip poker against those certain women and with using a Wii remote, you really can't get that for free from anywhere.

But if you're more of a Natural-Matte-eyeshadow-palette kind of girl, your favorite product has a brand new look (and smell) too! Aside from the lingerie-looking packaging, seven of the nine shades have been updated, all for the better, I promise. The new shades include "Less is More" (the perfect light brown), "Sexpert" (a milk chocolate brown), "Nude Goals" (an almost-white soft pink), "Cleavage" (a light taupe brown), "Risky Biz" (the darkest chocolate shade of brown), "Au Natural" (a warm, medium nude), and "Hookup" (a warm brown with an orange hint to it). And now with the coconut-butter infused formula, the Natural Matte ($38; Too Faced) shades have a creamy feel to it, rather than a dry, chalky finish.

Now alone, Beckett and Castle decide to have a fair poker game. Castle offers to play strip, but Beckett has a pack of gummi bears instead. Beckett starts dealing out the cards as the screen fades out.


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