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Balto Family Secrets Comic

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Balto Family Secrets Comic

As a child in El Paso, he rode his horse to the town movie theater to watch Disney films. Bluth later said, "then I'd go home and copy every Disney comic book I could find".[5] At the age of six, his family moved to Payson, Utah, where he lived on a family farm. Bluth has stated that he and his siblings do not communicate with each other as adults.[6] In 1954, his family moved to Santa Monica, California.[7] There, Bluth attended Brigham Young University in Utah for one year. Afterwards, in 1955, he was hired by Walt Disney Productions as an assistant to John Lounsbery for Sleeping Beauty (1959). In 1957, Bluth left Disney, recalling he found the work to be "kind of boring".[8] For two and a half years, Bluth resided in Argentina on a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He returned to the United States where he opened a local theater in Culver City, producing musicals such as The Music Man and The Sound of Music.[9]

Emma loves the family's new Irish nanny. Annie's fun. She likes pets. She keeps secrets. She wears wonderful clothes. And she likes to play. Emma's sisters and brothers are also crazy about her, So when Annie announces that she's returning to Ireland for three weeks to see her sisters, the kids panic. What if Annie doesn't come back? What if their parents hire a new nanny, someone who doesn't like ferrets, or even worse, kids? Annie introduces them to a substitute nanny named Mrs. Potts. But the kids don't take to her. She's just not Annie. What a dilemma! Then Emma has a brainstorm... and the fun really begins!


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