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Un Mes En El Campo J L Carr Epub [BETTER]

The finished libraries were quantified using PicoGreen fluorometric dye (Life Technologies), and quality was assessed using the Agilent Bioanalyzer with DNA 1000 Kit chips (Agilent Technologies). Completed libraries were sequenced using the Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx Sequencing System (paired-end 75-bp reads). Sequencing produced between 23 million and 45 million passing filter reads per library. Reads were mapped to the human reference genome assembly, and variant calling (for substitutions, insertions and deletions) was performed using Illumina Consensus Assessment of Sequence and Variation (CASAVA) software. Because of the noted lack of maturity of the available exome-based structural variant calling algorithms[75], we did not undertake calling of this class of variants. Table 2 provides information on the sequencing runs and output. Although there is variation, exome sequencing for all samples was carried out to sufficient depth to differentiate sequencing or mapping errors from heterozygous or homozygous variants. An average of 116,836 high-quality variants were called per sample.

Un Mes En El Campo J L Carr epub



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