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Poki Game: The Ultimate Online Playground for Free Games

Our vast collection of girl games is sure to entertain you. You can play any type of game, from simple dress-up to advanced dance competitions. Control cute characters and admirable women. Show off your extreme gaming skills, or relax with fashion-based games. For a romantic adventure, pick a cute date, and fall in love! Create outfits for celebrities, design dresses for dolls, or apply cute makeup. Fulfill your wildest shopping dreams without spending a penny.

Our games for girls collection features all sorts of licensed dolls and characters. You can play games featuring Barbie and Bratz dolls, and even play with replicas of your own toys! Bring your toy chest to life with highly authentic, virtual characters. For a classic, girly challenge, try one of our adorable Holly Hobbie or Hello Kitty adventures. Try playing with cats and dogs, and take care of your own pet! From Sue to Winx to Nick Jr.'s Dora the Explorer, our playful collection will make every girl happy.

poki game

Poki has the best free online games selection and offers the most fun experience to play alone or with friends. We offer instant play to all our games without downloads, login, popups or other distractions. Our games are playable on desktop, tablet and mobile so you can enjoy them at home or on the road. Every month over 50 million gamers from all over the world play their favorite games on Poki.

Game developers release fun New Games on our platform on a daily basis. Our most Popular Games include hits like Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2, Stickman Hook and Rodeo Stampede. These games are only playable on Poki. We also have online classics like Moto X3M,, Dino Game, Smash Karts, 2048, Penalty Shooters 2 and Bad Ice-Cream to play for free. In total we offer more than 1000 game titles.

Poki is based in Amsterdam and has a team of 30 people working on our gaming platform. Our goal is to create the ultimate online playground. Free and open to all. Read more about the platform we are building on our company page. If you are a game developer looking to achieve success for your game on web, discover what we offer and get in touch via Poki for Developers.

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Stickman Bike is a sports game where you ride your bike through levels with massive platforms and obstacles. The key is to maintain your bike's balance so you don't fall off and break your stick figure. Gain speed, do stunts in the air and earn a perfect score on your way to the finish line. There are 20 levels with unique challenges waiting for you to take on. Race against time and beat your friends high scores to show who the best stickman rider is!

The game also introduces the concept of "star customers", These hungry people love the delicious food you serve in your restaurant. Be warned, they are also more demanding and impatient! Satisfy these VIPs to earn more money and new opportunities.

There's nothing more fun than playing games with friends online! We offer all sorts of two-player games including: 1 v 1 Fighting Games, work together in two-player Co-op Games, play with 2 or more players in our Board Games, play 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 in our Sports Games, play our very popular Fire and Water games together or discover dozens of other games. If you like to be on the same team, play games where you can set new high scores together by either battling against the environment, or competing against other duo's.

You can play our online 2 Player Games on your PC, mobile phone, or tablet. Access our web games from your browser for free. Our games can be played without flash. Most of our 2 Player Games can be played together on one computer. Some of the games you can also play together on different computers, see our .io Games or Multiplayer Games.

Most of our 2 Player Games require just one computer with one keyboard. Either in the walkthrough, game menu, or description, the keys are mentioned. For example, one player uses the arrow keys and the other player uses the WASD keys. So, share the screen and keyboard together and enjoy playing.

Play our addictive online multiplayer games for free on Poki! Play 3D multiplayer shooting games such as and Battle Forces. Show your friends who the boss is in Rabbids Wild Race and House of Hazards. Or work together to solve puzzles in ZOOM-BE and Duo Survival. You can even create virtual chaos together in! Enjoy our collection of free online games with no installing required!

Super Tunnel Rush is a 3D driving game where you take place in fast-paced races at gorgeously scenic tracks. Either start from the bottom in the Career Mode, have Quick Races, or take part in the Daily Challenges. Satisfy your need for speed by racing against ultra fast competitors with no mercy. Explore the heights of the cloudy futuristic city in full speed! Make sure you pass through the green arrow indicators so that you pick up speed as you go. Dash to avoid obstacles and speed bumps, and don't forget to share Super Tunnel Rush with your friends!

Crazy Cars is a 3D car game that takes place in a vibrant location full of interesting tracks, entertaining obstacles, and rewarding challenges. Pick a fast car and speed up on exciting ramps, climb Mount Egg, go full throttle on race tracks, perform stunts at drag races, and explore many other fun areas and activities for you to take part in. There are obstacle courses that could even fling your car across the map! Make sure to collect every star, wrench, and other collectible you come across in order to spend them on shiny new vehicles. There are over 17 unique cars you can drive! The game even lets you play against your friend with split screen functionality. Are you ready to sate your need for speed with Crazy Cars?

Monster Tracks is a skill game where you must drive through treacherous paths with aerial movements. That's why you must be careful when putting power to the pedal as any wrongly intense manoeuvre can arch the truck backwards, causing you to flip you upside down. Study the path carefully and maintain a slight backwards tilt as most obstacles will propel you forwards. Adjust your speed to what the current level requires and you'll master this challenge in no time! Watch out for obstacles such as spline bridges, pebbles, tree logs, windmills, ramps, and of course a body of water that will cause you to lose the game if you fall into it. You'll get the opportunity to use the shop and upgrade your vehicle's power, grip, and weight, so that you can take on upcoming challenges with ease. Don't forget to share Monster Tracks with your friends and compare your high scores!

Game of Farmers is a casual idle farming game created by AppyApp. Leave the chaotic city life behind and start building your dream farm. Unlock various types of plants, vegetables, fruits, and animals and make money with their help even when you're offline. Sell your crops and organic products to buy new types of seeds, even magical ones. This is your first step to becoming the world's most successful farmer. You know what they say: When life gives you lemons, plant their seeds and watch 'em grow!

Dino Game is an endless runner game originally built into Google Chrome. The game was added as an easter egg to Google Chrome in 2014 to entertain users when there is no internet available. The game - nicknamed Chrome Dino - featuring a t-rex is played by over 270 million players every month. You can play the Dinosaur Game on Poki in fullscreen, this time also when you are online.Dino Game is also referred to as Dinosaur Game, T-Rex Game, Dino Dun, Chrome Dino, No Internet Game, or Google Dinosaur Game. You can play the online game for free on a PC, mobile phone, or tablet.

Mini Train is a puzzle game where you drag blocks and shapes that are scattered around the platform in order to make way for the oncoming train. These pieces are the necessary pieces that form the train track, and only you can help the train arrive its destination. Use the mouse or long-press with your finger to grab a block and move it wherever you want by dragging it across the screen. The arrow keys can help maintain some balance to your building blocks, and it matters where exactly you're holding the shape in order to turn it just the right amount. When you've draggeed the pieces into place so that the train can drive from left to right without getting damaged, you can hit the play button to start the train. Can you help our hero train finish its journey in all of the carefully-designed levels in Mini Train? Don't forget to share this platform experience with your friends and solve these puzzles together as a team!

Mini Train is created by Gametornado, based in the Czech Republic. Play their other games on Poki: Short Life 2, Bow Mania, Death Chase, Eugene's Life, Jelly Cat, Lucky Life, Parkour Jump, Rio Rex, Short Life, and Short Ride. The studio's other works include Rio Rex, LA Rex, NY Rex, and London Rex.

Iron Snout is a online fighting game created by SnoutUp where you play as a pig, and have to fight the wolves. Punch, kick and flip your way through waves of wolves and other bad guys. Dodge axes and other thrown projectiles away with the arrow keys. Play Iron Snout to show those wolves not to mess with pigs. You and a friend can play Iron Snout for free in the 2-player Wolfieball mode, or you can take on the wolves solo in Classic and Sudden Death modes.

Iron Snout is created by SnoutUp Games based in Lithuania. You might know SnoutUp Games from swine-themed shooter Cave Blast, beat-'em-up Bacon May Die (also pig-themed), sword-fighting pig-battler pork-chopper and ninja jumping game Ninja Shurican.

Our io Games thrust you into competitive multiplayer action. We have the most exciting survival challenges. Make sure you are the last alive in our io Battle Royale Games. Or get a high score in games like 2 by covering as much space as possible. Customize your character before battle, and prepare to overtake the entire world! Every multiplayer title in our collection teaches you to play within seconds. React fast to beat everyone around you and become the top scorer. You can eat, shoot, hide, build, upgrade, and much more in our io Games. Play these games alone, together with friends, or against friends.


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