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Delicate begonias will add a touch of sophistication and fragility to your home or garden and will make an unforgettable decoration for your rooms, as they do not exceed 25cm in height. They don't like too much moisture and so will need generous watering during the warmer months when the soil is fairly loose, especially when flowering, and moderate watering closer to cold. Very striking on window sills in bedrooms, bringing comfort and peace. They are intolerant of direct sunlight. These unique minnows in white, orange, salmon or yellow will delight others until late autumn.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-cascade-collection.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":6.26,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-cascade-collection\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001035","color":"Multicolor","brand":"Begonia Cascade Collection","sku":"1001035"},"@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Double Grandiflora Collection","description":"The multi-coloured begonia Double is ready to become a decoration for an alpine garden, a path, a flower bed or even at home. The plant attracts attention with its classic petals in white, yellow, pink and red. Filling the flower bed with both delicate and variegated colours at the same time, the begonia also gives off an unforgettable fragrance.\r\nHeight: 25-30 cm\r\nFlowering period: July-September\r\nFlower size: 5-10 cm\r\nColour: white, red, yellow, pink\r\nAn elegant blend of sweetness, morning freshness and green tartness, only heard up close. Begonia Double blooms the very first year after planting. From July to September the bulbs are nourished by dark green stems and leaves and fluffy buds.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-double-grandiflora-collection_bulbs.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":5.36,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-double-grandiflora-collection\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001034","color":"Multicolor","brand":"Begonia Double Grandiflora Collection","sku":"1001034","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Fimbriata Pink","description":"A perennial ornamental plant with a height of up to 40 centimetres. The delicate, full pink flowers will allow you to create carpets of colourful flowers in your flowerbeds. They like the penumbra but do well in the shade. Remember to water Begonia and protect it from direct sunlight since it doesn't like the soil to dry out. In a cold environment it falls asleep and may not bloom in time.\r\nIf you want seedlings, plant the tubers as early as February and then take the seedlings out into the open soil. These bright, full-bodied flowers are perfect for a large flowerbed in the centre of the courtyard or to decorate window sills and can also be used to create original bouquets.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-fimbriata-pink.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":3.56,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-fimbriata-pink\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001016","color":"Pink","brand":"Begonia Fimbriata Pink","sku":"1001016","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Fimbriata Yellow","description":"Begonia tubers are available in many colours, flowers and shapes. They are versatile and can be planted in balconies, hanging baskets, patio containers and flower beds. \r\n\r\nTuberous begonias bloom throughout the summer, thriving in shady spots where few other plants with long bloom periods and showy flowers can grow. \r\n\r\nAlthough tuberous begonias must be grown in well-drained soil, they are not drought tolerant. It is essential to water them regularly.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-fimbriata-yellow.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":3.56,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-fimbriata-yellow\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001020","color":"Yellow","brand":"Begonia Fimbriata Yellow","sku":"1001020","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Marmorata","description":"Begonia Marmorata is a beautiful flower in the Begonia family. This tuberous plant will make a fine addition to any flower garden and can grow in hanging pots and on balconies. Its wide range of applications in decoration make it a versatile plant.\r\nAppearance and scentBegonia Marmorata is a very striking flower. The eye is immediately struck by the unusual colour and shape of the flowers. The flowers are large, large, bicoloured, in majestic colours. The combination of two contrasting colours, red and white, make the plant bright and stand out. Lush and lush foliage of deep green forms a dense bush with chic ornamental qualities. The leaves are heart-shaped, slightly trailing, with pointed tips.\r\nPlant height: 30 cm.\r\nFlower diameter: 12 cm.\r\nLeaf colouring: green.\r\nColouring of the flowers: red and white.\r\nFlowering period: June to October.\r\nThe variety is tricky to grow in, but its beauty is well worth the effort.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia_marmorata.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":3.56,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-marmorata\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001021","color":"Bicolor","brand":"Begonia Marmorata","sku":"1001021","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Pendula Yellow","description":"Begonia Cascade is a wonderful decoration for any spot in your home. This flower is a potted plant that is very long-lasting and lushly blooming. If you want to place or hang the begonia on a balcony, make sure there are no draughts but still keep the air fresh.\r\nThe flower prefers penumbra shade. Begonia yellow begonia should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Watering should be regular and abundant, but so that there is no overwatering of the soil. Once the begonia has flowered, stop watering and be sure to trim the stems, keeping the tubers in the peat. When spring arrives, fertilise and water generously before planting and then plant the tubers in the prepared soil.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-pendula-yellow-1.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":3.56,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-pendula-yellow\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001029","color":"Yellow","brand":"Begonia Pendula Yellow","sku":"1001029","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Pendula White","description":"Ampelas are always a beautiful combination of lush green leaves and colourful flowers. Begonia plants are always attractive because of their beauty and relative ease of care. Begonia Pendula Cascade White is a worthy representative of ampelous plants, its incredible blossoms fascinate even the most sophisticated florists.\r\nLooks and scentThis flower can rightly be called one of the most beautiful of the Begonia family. The lush green foliage forms a compact, miniature bush and the dangling shoots are so lushly decorated with blooms that it is sometimes difficult to see the leaves behind the flowers. The colouring is simple and striking and the white flowers always look great in any arrangement. The delicate white petals assemble into swollen inflorescences that seem to float as they dangle in a marvellous floral cascade.\r\nHeight of the plant: 30 cm.\r\nDiameter of the flowers: 10-12 cm.\r\nLeaf colour: green.\r\nColour of flowers: white:\r\nFlowering period: June to October.\r\nThese flowers look great in hanging planters, pots and balcony boxes. They can be grown both in the home and outdoors to complement flower arrangements in flowerbeds, alpine gardens and other areas.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-pendula-white.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":3.56,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-pendula-white\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001028","color":"White","brand":"Begonia Pendula White","sku":"1001028","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Double White","description":"Begonia terry white - as if specially created to be admired! Another name: The knobby begonia. A real eye-catcher on your balcony or loggia, bed or patio. It looks perfect in the open air as well as in pots, flower boxes and hanging casseroles.\r\nIts large, white, swollen flowers are enchanting. They exude a delicate sweet aroma. The shape of the flower is rose-shaped. The petals are slightly crimped. Flower size is 10 cm in diameter. Begonia blooms continuously from July to November. When the faded flowers are removed the plant will produce new ones and continue to thrive into autumn. The plant is approx. 25 cm tall. The delicate flowers contrast beautifully with the bronze leaves. In addition, the leaves of the begonia are highly decorative. They are openwork, patterned, heart-shaped.\r\nIt is not difficult to grow begonias. Even a novice florist can cope with such a task. Place the plant in a semi-shady location or a place with diffused light. Protection from the wind is a must, since its fragile, succulent stems break easily. The soil should be nutritious and have an acidity of 5.8-6.5. Planting period: in containers, plant in March-April and in the open air in May-June (after the threat of a return frost has passed). The begonia tubers should be planted 15 cm apart in the open ground. Planting density: 10 tubers per 1 sq. m. They can survive temperature downturns as low as -17.8\u00b0C.\r\nWatch out! During hot, dry weather, avoid exposing the plant to direct sunlight (as the leaves and stems will suffer). It is also important to keep the air moisture levels stable. Lastly, too much water is also contraindicated (it can die). The tubers should be dug up for the winter and stored in damp sand or peat.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-double-white.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":3.56,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-double-white\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001011","color":"White","brand":"Begonia Double White","sku":"1001011","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Camelia","description":"Begonia Camelia gets its name from the resemblance of its flowers to those of a camellia. It was bred in the Netherlands by Dutch breeders.\r\nIts appearanceThe adult plant (shrub) reaches a height of 25-30 cm. The stems of this tuberous plant are fleshy, pubescent, covered with medium-sized green, slightly parted leaves. The flowers are medium-sized, with a maximum flower diameter of 12 cm. The flowers are white with a pink border.\r\nThis begonia is known for its ornamental qualities and unpretentiousness. Begonia Camelia blooms continuously from June to October. Begonias prefer to grow in fertile, loosened and moist soil, mainly in full sun (not under direct rays), but tolerate semi-shade as well.Tuberous begonias do not like cold weather. A sudden change in temperature will cause the leaves to fall off. This begonia variety is grown both in pots (on the terrace, balcony) and in open soils (flowerbeds, alpine gardens). Begonia tubers should be dug out for the winter and stored in a dry place.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-camelia.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":4.1,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-camelia\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001002","color":"Pink","brand":"Begonia Camelia","sku":"1001002","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Crispa Marginata","description":"Begonia 'Crispa Yellow-Red' is a bulbous perennial that belongs to the Begonia family.\r\nAppearanceThe adult plant (shrub) is 20-25 cm tall and 10-15 cm wide. It has relatively large, pinnately dissected green leaves on branching, thin stems. The flowers are large (10-12 cm in diameter), folded, petals with wavy red edges, the whole flower is yellow. This flower colour is very rare and very original, so this begonia variety is one of the most sought after.\r\nThis plant prefers to grow in fertile, drained and moist soil. It is predominantly sun-loving but can also tolerate semi-shade. Flowering starts in June and lasts until September. Under favourable conditions, flowering can last all autumn until frost. Begonia tubers of this variety should be dug up for the winter and stored in a ventilated dark place. They are the most decorative and cold-resistant.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-crispa-marginata.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":4.1,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-crispa-marginata\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001003","color":"Bicolor","brand":"Begonia Crispa Marginata","sku":"1001003","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Double Dark Red","description":"The beautiful foliage contrasts spectacularly with the large, stunning flowers. You will fall in love with this begonia. This romantic dark red variety captures the heart at first sight. Its flowers start to bloom in late spring. They are large in size and terry shape. The leaves are dark green with serrated edges and are very delicate. They are sensitive to moisture (brown spots appear) and direct sunlight. Tuberous begonias are compact plants that are generously studded with flowers. In a short space of time, they can decorate your plot, patio, veranda or terrace. Begonias are ideal for pots and baskets and look good outdoors. The outdoor planting density is 9 tubers per square metre.\r\nLike all begonias, this variety does not like the cold. A sudden change in temperature will cause its leaves to fall off. The location for planting should be well sunlit, but direct rays should be avoided. A spot of shade is ideal. Also, tuberous begonias grow well in shady conditions and this makes them an invaluable plant. In summer, in hot weather, they should always be shaded. The soil should be fertile, with a pH of 5.8 to 6.5. After flowering, the above-ground part withers and the plant prepares for a dormant period. The begonia tubers should be planted in fresh soil (after the dormancy period). From spring to autumn, keep the soil moist but not damp. The height of the plant is 30 cm.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-double-dark-red-1.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":3.56,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-double-dark-red\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001006","color":"Red","brand":"Begonia Double Dark Red","sku":"1001006","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Double Pink","description":"A perennial ornamental plant with a height of up to 40 centimetres. The delicate, full pink flowers will allow you to create carpets of colourful flowers in your flowerbeds. They like the penumbra but do well in the shade. Remember to water Begonia and protect it from direct sunlight since it doesn't like the soil to dry out. In a cold environment it falls asleep and may not bloom in time.\r\nIf you want seedlings, plant the tubers as early as February and then take the seedlings out into the open soil. These bright, full-bodied flowers are perfect for a large flowerbed in the centre of the courtyard or to decorate window sills and can also be used to create original bouquets.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-double-pink.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":3.56,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-double-pink\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001008","color":"Pink","brand":"Begonia Double Pink","sku":"1001008","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Double Orange","description":"Begonia 'Multiflora Orange' is a striking member of the Begonia family.\r\nIts appearanceA grown plant (shrub) is 150-200 mm tall and 8-10 cm wide. This compact plant bears large, green, pinnately dissected leaves on slender, branched stems. Its flowers are relatively large (50-60 mm in diameter) on small stalks, dense-branched, deep orange. In addition, this begonia variety is grown both indoors and outdoors.\r\nThe plant grows in fertile, rich in organic matter, moist and well loosened soil. This hybrid begonia is also very sun-loving but grows in shade. Indoor care (spraying, loosening the soil and feeding) is important for this plant. This begonia blooms in summer (June) and is virtually disease-free. Begonia tubers are dug up for the winter and stored in a dry, ventilated place. This plant is grown as an ornamental decoration for balconies and terraces.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-double-orange.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":3.56,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-double-orange\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001007","color":"Orange","brand":"Begonia Double Orange","sku":"1001007","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Fimbriata Red","description":"Begonia Fimbriata Red is a perennial plant of Dutch selection. The flower is fairly undemanding. Begonia can grow in both shade and sun and likes moist, fertilised soil. They can be grown in the garden as well as in a greenhouse or at home. This type of flower lives up to its name and is bright red in colour.\r\nThey can grow to a size of 25-40cm with tall stems attached. They flower in June and continue through September, although if cared for well they can last until December. Begonia Fimbriata Red will be a great decoration for your garden, complementing it with its unusual shape.","image":"https:\/\/\/media\/catalog\/product\/cache\/84a6838aaaa435485e687263d3600c72\/b\/e\/begonia-fimbriata-red-1.jpg","offers":"@type":"http:\/\/\/Offer","price":3.56,"url":"https:\/\/\/begonia-fimbriata-red\/","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"http:\/\/\/InStock","priceValidUntil":"2021-12-31","productID":"1001017","color":"Red","brand":"Begonia Fimbriata Red","sku":"1001017","@type":"Product","name":"Begonia Fimbriata White","description":"An ornamental perennial plant. Easily reaches a height of up to 40 centimetres and throws out white flowers during flowering. Ideal for windowsills, in the garden or in the yard. They can decorate small flowerbeds along paths without being trampled or accidentally broken because of the length of the stems. They prefer the sun in semi-shade or shade, but don't like the cold too much either, otherwise they


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