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Download M3u8 Stream Mac ((EXCLUSIVE))

Summary: In this post, you will find the top four M3U8 to MP4 converters to convert M3U8 files to MP4. M3U8 is a playlist containing information to source the media streams. To analyze and save m3u8 into standalone videos on your local drive at full quality, the easiest method is to use VideoProc Converter.

Download M3u8 Stream Mac

M3U8 files are often seen in apps' downloads (e.g. video downloaded in UC browser) and streaming videos and lives. However, they are not playback-friendly. On occasion, you might be troubled with an M3U8 cannot load error because M3U8 files are not general videos. They are comprised of media list and location and are stored in plain text format.

If you failed to open M3U8 files in a player, you can download or convert M3U8 to MP4, which is one of the best video formats compatible with all applications. Here we'll show you how to convert M3U8 to MP4 in four M3U8 converters, let's get started.

VideoProc Converter's powerful built-in video file converter enables you to convert M3U8 to MP4 very fast and it won't need much knowledge of video format, codecs, or transcoding stuff. Let's download it and take a look at how to convert M3U8 to MP4 with VidoeProc.

The download feature of VideoProc Converter can download M3U8 to MP4 from any website in a click. Be it a M3U8 streamed video or a M3U8 broadcasting video, VideoProc Converter always can read and download the video sources for you. One other important tidbit to know is that VideoProc Converter downloads M3U8 to MP4 directly. That said, you don't have to do conversions because VideoProc Converter saves M3U8 files as MP4 automatically.

Open the live video through a browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. Right-click on the live video (or hit F12 key on the keyboard), and go to Inspect >Network. Find your M3U8 file, and copy the link with a suffix of ".m3u8".

Choose an output folder under the preview window. Hit the "Start Recording" button and you will see a progress bar looping and the duration changing. That means the download works and is in progress. When the television program is done, click the stop recording button.

VLC is a popular media player that can also help users in converting videos to accessible formats. A unique thing about VLC is that it is compatible with webcams, discs, files, streams, and devices without any user tracking or pesky advertisement interruptions. Whether you are working on a Mac or Android device, you can use this tool for converting your M3U8 file to MP4 by simply following the steps laid down below.

FFmpeg is an open-source multimedia framework compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, and iOS and Android in mobile devices. It empowers you to download record, stream, edit and convert video/audio files in an efficient way. With an advanced codec library libavcodec, FFmpeg is capable of converting M3U8 files without quality loss.

Go to to download a program package in terms of the operating system. Then create a folder for this program as well as its unpacked files. Finally set the Environmental Variables to C:\FFmpeg\bin.

You can use online m3u8 players, Chrome extensions, or desktop programs like 5KPlayer, VLC media player to play M3U8 streams directly. After getting the URL of an m3u8 video, paste it to the player, and then you can watch it on your computer.

M3U8 files conversion involves mainly 2 situations: converting local M3U8 files to MP4 and saving M3U8 stream to local .mp4 videos by downloading. VlC, FFmpeg, online converters, and mobile apps tend to complete either of them. But you can tell from the tutorial above that VideoProc Converter performs both M3U8 conversion and download successfully. To prevent tripping up on these issues, try VideoProc Converter and solve all your video processing tasks in one-stop.

Online video streaming actually means HTTP Live Streaming (also known as HLS), an HTTP-based adaptive bitrate streaming communications protocol. HLS resembles MPEG-DASH in that it works by breaking the overall stream into a sequence of small HTTP-based file downloads, each downloading one short chunk of an overall potentially unbounded transport stream. A list of available streams, encoded at different bit rates, is sent to the client using an extended M3U playlist. You could get an M3U8 URL of each HLS video. Actually, to download online video streams is actually to download M3U8 video.

Well, in this guide, we would like to show you some effective solutions to help you download M3U8 videos with VLC media player and other tools. Of course, you could also get the best online video downloader option here.

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. Actually, besides the most well-known media playback feature, VLC media player also has multiple hidden features, like editing, converting, etc. Downloading M3U8 videos within VLC media player has been a wonderful feature.

VLC media player comes with an internal video downloader and converter that could download M3U8 videos and convert M3U8 videos to MP4 or other video file formats for you. How does VLC download M3U8 video? Just check the below guide:

Besides VLC media player, there are also other tools to help you download M3U8 videos. For example, you could choose to download M3U8 videos online with online M3U8 video downloader tools. is an exactly such online M3U8 video downloader tool for you to download M3U8 videos online. What you need are only Internet connection and M3U8 file. It could even help you directly convert M3U8 file to MP4 online.

In this way, you could easily download and convert M3U8 file to MP4 files. When the downloading and converting completes, you could then freely play back the downloaded M3U8 video files on your computer.

As mentioned above, if you have the live stream video URL, not the M3U8 video URL, you could use Leawo Prof. Media to download, convert and edit M3U8 video. This happens due to the internal video downloader program, Leawo Video Downloader, in Leawo Prof. Media. You could directly copy and paste the M3U8 link from the live video to Leawo Video Downloader and start downloading M3U8 video.

Leawo Video Downloader is the best VLC media player alternative in downloading online videos since it could download videos from nearly all online video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Veoh, VEVO, etc. It even downloads live stream videos from various live stream sites in 2 different ways: directly through live stream video URL and M3U8 link. It lists multiple download options for you to choose from for downloading.

On the right sidebar, you could see multiple download options in different formats, quality and resolutions. Choose the desired one and then click the download icon to start downloading M3U8 videos.

CleverGet Video Downloader is a go-to options when you are looking for VLC alternative to download M3U8 video. This M3U8 video downloader is famous for its perfect performance in downloading online video from a mass of online sites including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, etc. At the same time, CleverGet is also a dab hand at downloading M3U8 files. Be it a YouTube live stream or lives from other sites, they are all be saved to local file with wonderful picture. Better yet, when you are going to download live streams, you don't even need to look for the M3U8 link troublesomely since it will grab them automatically.

You can download the installation package of CleverGet for free by visiting the homepage of CleverGet directly. Install it on your computer and run it. CleverGet has a default output directory, but you probably don't want that. You can click the "..." icon in the upper right corner, and then reset the output directory under the "General" in the "Settings" window.

CleverGet will identify various information about the video available for download on the page, such as: video format, definition, etc. You can see this information in the popup window, select the video you want to download and click the "Download" button. CleverGet will download the video to the output directory you set.

Get an .m3u8 file or an M3U8 stream video link but don't know how to open it on your Windows PC or Mac? In fact, M3U8 is definitely a strange format for most users. You won't notice it until you have one and can't play it one day. Then here comes the question, what video player plays M3U8?

In general, we take a file as M3U8 when it is with .m3u8 file extension or a m3u file encoded in UTF-8. This plain text based playlist format can be opened by a text editor or a M3U8 player. Similar to M3U8, M3U also uses UTF-8 character encoding.

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) is one HTTP-based media streaming communications protocol implemented by Apple Inc. as part of their QuickTime, Safari, macOS, and iOS software. It is able to traverse any firewall or proxy server. In that way, it lets through standard HTTP traffic. What's more, it allows content to be offered from conventional HTTP servers and delivered over widely available HTTP-based content delivery networks. For playing the M3U8 files, you need the M3U8 player apart from the M3U8 converter.

Online Streaming Player For Free is a popular free M3U8 player which can help you play and test your streams online. Any frequently-used stream types are supported, such as M3U8, RTMP, MP4 and stream URLs. It enables you to directly analyze and play your streaming video. is one very famous online M3U8 player. You can directly paste the HLS .m3u8 file or M3U8 playlists in the box and then click Play to open it. More than just a M3U8 player, can work as a good RTMP player or MP4 player to help you enjoy other media files.

Castr Live Streaming Player is an easy-to-use M3U8 player which can help you test HLS/M3U8 streams. Just put the .m3u8 file into the URL box and click Play Stream button, you can easily view M3U8 on web. You should make sure that, your streaming URL must be HTTPS compatible. When you stream HLS or DASH, you need to enable CORS.


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