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A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript - [PATCHED]

Hey Richard, I have trouble learning client side javascript. There are so many things you need to memorize and its really difficult to do so. Do you have any tips that can help me enhance my knowledge on this specific topic. Thanks

A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript -

Greetings from Bosnia,thank you for doing this, it is very helpful for beginners like me, I have a question. I want to learn javascript but also C #, which language is better to start, thanks again ?

Hello, first of all I am so glad I stumbled upon this outline. Very helpful because most of the time I felt lost trying to learn javascript before. So now I have a question for you. I am trying to get a internship as a Front-end Developer and was curious to how you measure completion of this course with being qualified skill wise for an internship? I already know HTML5 and CSS3 fairly well and I am currently half way done with this course and I must say I am feeling already more confident in my javascript knowledge. But I was curious to what your insight was? Btw, thanks for this outline.

am so sorry for all this question,i just have never had satisfactory answers.please try to answer and i know your busy.thanks again for this sexy post and am telling you posts are always are heaven sent for javascript learners.

Richard of Stanley, besides the roadmap here, do you recommend any other resources like learnstreet, etc? What about eloquent javascript? Seems like the most popular choice for beginning javascript students.

If I want to learn javascript faster than 4-6 weeks, how many hours do you think I need to put in on a daily basis. I have some background on javascripts but never have written them myself ever, only have read and understood what they r doing. I would appreciate your response. And thank you for putting together this information. It is certainly very helpful.

But Richard, with your advise, I have followed through to learn javascript properly, now learning backbone and Node.js. I cannot believe my eyes Richard you have made me a better javascript developer. To all reading this, as Richard said, you will be a better programmer if you make the harbit of writing programmes yourself. With the outlines in this blog, you will saved yourself many years of becoming a better developer. Many thanks Sir.

Instead of focusing on the tool think through design problems and practice solving these. If you can recognize an application would require a java back end, a react javascript front end, a c++ library driving your latency sensitive logic that does task a in 52 milliseconds, and python will be used to automate extracting specific data from logs and a nosql database for business intelligence, then you are further along then someone going through analysis paralysis on learning a language. 041b061a72


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