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The Ultimate Guide to Emojipedia Download for Emoji Lovers

Emojipedia Download: How to Access Emoji Meanings and More on Your Mac

Emoji are everywhere these days. They are used to express emotions, convey messages, and add fun to our digital communications. But do you know what each emoji means? How can you find out more about the history, usage, and variations of different emojis? And how can you stay updated on the latest emoji news and trends?

emojipedia download

If you are a Mac user, there is a simple and convenient way to answer all these questions: by downloading Emojipedia for your macOS. In this article, we will explain what Emojipedia is, why you should download it, how to download it, and how to use it. Let's get started!

What is Emojipedia?

Emojipedia is a web-based emoji resource that provides comprehensive information about all the emojis in the Unicode Standard. It also covers emoji updates, news, events, and trends from various platforms and vendors. Emojipedia is brought to you by Zedge, the world's #1 phone personalization app.

A web-based emoji resource

Emojipedia is primarily a website that you can access from any browser. You can search for any emoji by name, category, keyword, or code point. You can also browse popular and upcoming emojis, as well as emoji topics such as birthday, hearts, pride, wedding, and working from home. For each emoji, you can view its meaning, usage, design, variations, and related emojis. You can also copy and paste emojis from Emojipedia to any app or website.

An app for macOS

Emojipedia is also available as an app for macOS users. It uses the built-in Dictionary provided by Apple, but adds a custom lookup for emoji information. You can install Emojipedia on your Mac and access it from any app or website that supports emojis. You can also view the full definition of any emoji on the Emojipedia website by clicking through from the app.

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Why download Emojipedia for Mac?

Downloading Emojipedia for Mac has many benefits. Here are some of them:

To look up emoji details and definitions

Have you ever wondered what an emoji means or how to use it correctly? Have you ever encountered an emoji that you don't recognize or that looks different on different devices? With Emojipedia for Mac, you can easily look up any emoji and get its official name, meaning, usage, design, variations, and related emojis. You can also learn about the origin, history, and cultural context of different emojis. For example, did you know that the ? emoji is called "pleading face" and is used to express a sincere or desperate plea? Or that the ? emoji is called "smiling face with hearts" and is used to express affection or gratitude? Or that the ? emoji is called "avocado" and is often associated with millennials and healthy eating?

To browse popular and upcoming emojis

Do you want to discover new emojis or stay updated on the latest emoji trends? With Emojipedia for Mac, you can browse the most popular and recent emojis, as well as the emojis that are coming soon. You can also see which emojis are trending on social media, which emojis are celebrating their birthdays, and which emojis are related to current events. For example, did you know that the ? emoji is called "microbe" and is often used to refer to the COVID-19 pandemic? Or that the ?? emoji is called "mx claus" and is a gender-inclusive alternative to ? or ?? Or that the ? emoji is called "bubble tea" and is a popular drink originating from Taiwan?

To stay updated on emoji news and events

Do you want to learn more about the emoji world and its developments? With Emojipedia for Mac, you can access the latest emoji news and events from various sources. You can read articles, blogs, podcasts, videos, and newsletters about emoji updates, announcements, controversies, and trivia. You can also join the Emojipedia community and participate in polls, quizzes, challenges, and discussions. For example, did you know that there is an annual event called World Emoji Day on July 17th? Or that there is an organization called Unicode Consortium that decides which emojis are approved and standardized? Or that there are emoji awards called The Emoji Awards that celebrate the best and worst emojis of the year?

How to download Emojipedia for Mac?

Downloading Emojipedia for Mac is easy and free. There are two ways to do it: using or using the Emojipedia website. Here are the steps for each method:

Using is a free app that allows you to install various dictionaries on your Mac. You can use it to download Emojipedia as well as other dictionaries such as Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, Oxford English Dictionary, etc.

Step 1: Download and run

Go to [] and click "Download". Open the downloaded file and drag to your Applications folder. Then run from your Applications folder or Launchpad.

Step 2: Click "Add Dictionary"

In, click the "+" button at the bottom left corner of the window. This will open a list of available dictionaries that you can install.

Step 3: Select Emojipedia and click "Add"

In the list of dictionaries, scroll down until you find Emojipedia. Click on it and then click "Add". This will download Emojipedia to your Mac. You can see the progress of the download in the status bar at the bottom of the window.

Using the Emojipedia website

You can also download Emojipedia directly from the Emojipedia website. This method does not require, but it may not work on older versions of macOS.

Step 1: Go to

Open your browser and go to []. This will take you to a page where you can download Emojipedia for Mac.

Step 2: Click "Download"

On the page, click the "Download" button. This will start downloading a file called "" to your Mac.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and install Emojipedia

Open the downloaded file and double-click on "Emojipedia.dictionary". This will open a window asking you if you want to install Emojipedia. Click "Install". This will install Emojipedia on your Mac.

How to use Emojipedia for Mac?