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Hometown Trap [v1.5] ((FREE))

Have you ever felt like you were trapped in your own hometown? Well this is a story about several girls who find themselves stuck in their hometown with no ability to escape. You will follow their lives and see what situations they must face on a day to day basis.[From F95Zone]

Hometown Trap [v1.5]

Casey's recently announced Ray Sorensen II of Greenfield, Iowa, as the winner of the Casey's Famous People Contest. To recognize Sorensen, Casey's hosted a pizza party for his hometown and presented him with a $5,000 grand prize check. (Photo: Barkley)

Whenever possible, he doesn't just sit back and passively wait for trouble to come to him. He will preemptively target and eliminate any possible evil-doer the first chance he gets. Case in point, in episode 2, he rescues a merchant from some bandits and the merchant points out the bandit gang is likely to come for vengeance. In response, he tracks down their headquarters and completely crushes the gang. Then when Edgar Fromage comes at him in town, corrupt knights in tow, he doesn't just fight off the knights and rescue the hostages, he systematically takes Edgar's power structure apart and goes after him, raiding his dungeons to free his victims and gain as many allies as possible. As a beast tamer, he has already shown to defy the logic of the class. Rein himself seems oblivious to his own increased aptitude until Kanade points it out, and what's known of his past suggests his now-destroyed hometown was home to Beast Tamers of similar ability to his own.

Then Rein infiltrates the mansion and ended up finding a little girl trapped in jail. Rein helps her and the girl introduces herself Niina who comes from God Tribe. He breaks her slave collar and ends her contract of her with Edgar. Meanwhile, the lord's defenses got weakened and Edgar uses the ring (given to Edgar by Arios) which summoned a Death Scythe. The death scythe stabs Rein with his scythe which happened to be enchanted with death magic. But, surprisingly, nothing happens with Rein. Luna says it is the power he got from her. Then they corner the lord and Edgar. As a last resort, Edgar used the ring again and transformed into a demon. Rein remembers the demons which were the very creature who destroyed his village. The demon flies to the city and began to attack the people and turned them into its own kin. Rein and his contractuals began to fight the demon. They were about to get cornered by the demon but with teamwork manages to deal major damage to the demon. The demon asks Rein his name but Rein refuses to do so. Then the demon disappeared and released a wide range of lighting magic. Rein searches for the demon but it became invisible. Niina came in and help them out with her special powers. The demon becomes visible and Rein killed it which also stopped the magic.

Some days later, as the Iris' matter was over, The Shrouds returned to their normal lives. Rein wakes up to find that Tania caught a high fever and took care of her until she recovered. After her recovery, Rein and others decide to take a quest only to have Tania taken into custody by The Knights under false accusations that "a dragon is on ramage". Rein decides to investigate and went to the mountains where the dragon was last seen. He set up a honey trap and captured a dragon that happens from Tania's village and there's another dragon going wild in Horizon. As Tania was conditionally freed due to the outside commotion, she fought the dragon and was battered badly. As soon as Rein and others reached at the scene, witnessing Tania getting hurt, he became enraged and furiously defeated the dragon and was even about to kill it but thanks to Tania, he came to his senses.

Both dragons were taken by Milua, Tania's mother. She later thanked Rein and others for being friends with Tania and hoped he'll make her happy forever. Due to the dragon incident, Natalie recommends Rein take A- Rank promotion exam at the royal capital. The next day, they travel to the royal capital by carriage. On the way, they noticed some monsters attacking knights and decided to help them. They later found that they were escorting the daughter of Argus Van Rollreeze, Princess Sarya. Sarya requests The Shrouds to accompany her too because she deemed them, strong adventurers. Rein became suspicious and set a trap for catching the traitors. Beforehand, Rein informed Sarya about this and successfully captured the traitors. Sarya showed him her extreme gratitude and granted them an audience with the king. Rein sensing it would be rude to refuse a request from nobility agreed so. At the royal castle, he meets King Argus. Argus asks Rein anything as a reward for protecting the princess. Rein rather than asking for a reward, tell Argus to be more careful in trusting people which surprised Argus and gladly invites him to have dinner tonight together with them.

The game is a colorful 3D Japanese-style RPG. It is set in the 1990s and is based around a mystery in a small town. There are eight characters who are message board friends. They work together to investigate the mystery around a viral video star called Semi Pak, who goes missing in a supernatural event. The player can control the characters in turn-based battles where normal everyday objects are used as weapons. The combat consists of turn-based moves with timing-based actions which can increase the damage of an attack or minimize the damage taken from an opponent. There are six dungeons to explore which include battles, puzzles which have to be solved and traps that have to be avoided. There are approximately twenty five hours of gameplay.[2][3][4][5][6]

On April 4, 1999, Alex Eggleston (Chris Niosi) returns to his hometown of Frankton, New Jersey after receiving his B.L.A. While out on an errand, a cat steals Alex's shopping list and leads him into a surreal abandoned factory, where he meets and befriends Semi "Sammy" Pak (Kelley Nicole Dugan). In the factory's elevator, Sammy is suddenly kidnapped by two otherworldly beings and vanishes. The next day, he returns to the factory with his neighbor Michael K. (Clifford Chapin), and they obtain photographic evidence of what Alex describes as "a being made of stars".

Wagner, now an environmental science teacher at a high school near his hometown of Danville, PA, learned the story known and passed along by generations of local residents: The weir had been built by Native Americans. Indeed, it is located at the mouth of Mahoning Creek, where a community of Native Americans once lived.

Moreover, it seems the Susquehanna is chock full of these ancient stone eel traps, underwater landmarks still standing after centuries, even millennia, of floods. The weir near Danville is about an eighth of a mile across at the open end of the V and its stone wall rises anywhere from 3 to 5 feet off the river bottom.

Photo: A still photo taken from a drone video of an ancient stone eel weir in the Susquehanna River near Danville, about 60 miles upstream of Harrisburg. It is believed to have been built by Native Americans, possibly as far back as 4,000 B.C., based on carbon dating of surviving pieces of a wooden trap from a similar weir found in Maine. (Courtesy of Luke Wagner) 041b061a72


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