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Cobra Spx 5300 Best Buy

The Cobra SPX 5300 is a sleek black device with silver accents and buttons. It has the same exact specifications as the SPX 5400, including identical height, weight, width, and length. Thus, the 5300 model is identified by a model number and bar code located on the underside of the device on a black and silver sticker.

cobra spx 5300 best buy

well said!!! great explanation for the people who are not educated with radar detectors. cobra is the worst radar detector company with the exception of the scammers from Rocky Mountain and the cheap Chinese fake that goes for 10$ or so. I must say I fail to understand cobra strategy because they are actually a great brand with other stuff like for example they make outstanding cb radios and a good jump start jok . and some will even say that their dash cams are good (personally I agree with that but I would go with thinkware or blackvue) but still for the 100-150$ level their dash cams are indeed good. so in conclusion if I were a member of the board of cobra I would live the radar detectors and stop making them and stick with what they could do great. 041b061a72


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