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Unit Converter Unit Conversion Calculator App V9.6 [Pro] Apk

Plus you get unit conversions to feature with which you can convert a few common parameters like area, currency, data size, length, temperature, etc. However, some of the units are locked and can be purchased in the pro version

Unit Converter Unit Conversion Calculator app v9.6 [Pro] Apk

Make conscious choices, do advanced calculations and avoid hidden assumptions with SimaPro: the only LCA software package that gives you complete transparency and full control of your LCA studies. You can view all the details of databases, unit processes, supply networks, results and every individual source of impact.

Due to globalization and the differences in metrics and the imperial system, we will always have situations where we need to do unit conversion. Be it converting currency while traveling or switching between kilometer and miles, having a conversion tool can be handy. What makes unit conversion apps more handy is the ability to easily install them to your mobile phone. Here are some of the best unit conversion apps for Android.

The units are divided into Angle, Area, Currency, Data Storage, Data Transfer, Length, Density, Energy, Flow, Force, Fuel Efficiency, Mass, Length, Numbers, Power, Pressure, Sound, Temperature, Time, Velocity, Volume converters and many other categories. It also lets the user add user-defined units and categories and also allows imperial and metric conversion. The Unit Converter Pro app supports expression input (example, (4+3)*50/3).

Unit Converter Ultimate is another reliable unit conversion app that is available via the Google Play Store. The app offers an easy-to-use minimal user interface and can handle any conversion that the user throws at it. There are a few options, no clutter, and you get your conversions done straight and simple. The app boasts no ads, which is another nice feature of this unit conversion app.

The Unit Converter Ultimate supports conversion units such as currency, temperature, length, mass, weight, speed, area, cooking, pressure, power, energy, time, fuel, and digital storage (bit, byte, kilobytes, etc.). Some other nifty features of the app include long-pressing the converted value to copy it to the clipboard. This makes it easy to share. The swap floating button switches the selected units, making conversions between units super fast.

Convert Units Plus is another free unit conversion app that lets you convert almost any metric easily. Though the app has not been updated since 2018, it seems like users are still quite happy with the app. It boasts over 100,000 installs and is very light in size. The Convert Units Plus app supports the conversion of metrics such as Imperial, Metric, Weight, Length, Area, Fuel, Mileage, Power, Time, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Volume, and Data.

Moreover, the app also supports the conversion of all major currencies of the world, which are updated every 15 minutes. This makes it a good app for all travelers. The app UI is minimal and has a nicely baked colorful interface. Overall, the app is a pretty powerful unit conversion app that is a must-have if you deal with conversion often.

The name of the app is All-in-One Calculator, but it is a very powerful unit converter app as well. It is one of the highly-rated calculators available on the Play Store. The app not only helps you get your conversions done, but it is also a scientific calculator which many of our engineers would relate to. Besides, the app also supports currency conversion of over 160 currencies that are available offline. There are light and dark modes as well.

Talking about unit conversions, it supports multiple conversion units like Acceleration, Angle, Length, Energy, Force, Torque, Area, Volume, Volumetric Flow, Weight, Temperature, Pressure, Power, Speed, Mileage, Time, Digital Storage, Data Transfer Speed, Numeric Base, Roman Numerals, Shoe Size, Ring Size, and Cooking. There are other features of the app, too, like a sales tax calculator, tip calculator, loan calculator, and much more.

As simple as it can get, the Unit Converter app is a straightforward unit converter app. The app offers over 44 categories of units that can be converted. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface with some color elements to make the app a bit more attractive. The app boasts over 5 million downloads and is constantly updated with new features.

The recent update introduced the dark theme, new units like Medical, Heat, Resistivity, Luminous Intensity, and new tools such as Periodic Table, Text Tools, Scientific Calculator, and Equation Solver. The Unit Converter app can perform more than 12700 unit conversions and has smart tools, such as Bubble Level, Compass, Protractor, Resistor Codes, Stop Watch, Ruler, World Time, Date Converter, and much more. If your job involves daily conversions, then this app is just for you.

These five are the best unit conversion apps for Android. Note that all the apps mentioned above are free of cost and are available on the Google Play Store. If you are looking for a file conversion app instead, check out some of the best file conversion apps for Android here.

Both of the above answers are correct, depending on the agreed unit convention - the classic and widespread binary system in which units are powers of 2, or the decimal SI convention. According to the former one megabyte is 8,388,608, while according to the latter one megabyte is 8,000,000 bits, hence the difference. When using our MB to mbps converter you can switch to SI mode using the checkbox.

Mbps is often the unit in which your optic, broadband, LAN or DSL connection will be described in. You likely have a 100 megabit LAN card on your computer, meaning its maximum transfer rate is 100 mpbs. There are also 1 gbit (1 gbps bandwidth) and 10 gbit (10 gbps bandwidth) LAN cards as well. Currently the fastest available interfaces reach 160 gbits per second. A typical home connection, on the other hand, is usually between 10 and 200 mbps.

The easiest way to convert MB/s to mbps is by using this converter. If you need a step by step solution: it is easiest to first convert each metric to bits per second, then convert back to the needed unit.

Our online calculators, converters, randomizers, and content are provided "as is", free of charge, and without any warranty or guarantee. Each tool is carefully developed and rigorously tested, and our content is well-sourced, but despite our best effort it is possible they contain errors. We are not to be held responsible for any resulting damages from proper or improper use of the service. See our full terms of service.

Along with the development of more than 100 different digits, HiPER Calc Pro accelerates conversion operations with immense sensitivity. You can convert decimals to fractions or vice versa. The simplest sequence of numbers will appear when this job is finished. In addition, the conversion from different units is also met. However, you must have a good grasp of the formulas in order to apply them in our interface.

All-in-One Calculator is a free construction calculator app available on Android as well as on iOS, that's optimized for construction-related measurements and calculations. It features over 75 different calculators and unit conversions, including unit and currency conversions, percentages, proportions, area and volume.

The built-in geometry calculator makes it easier to determine the area of odd shapes, while the unit converter includes torque and pressure converters if you have equipment with limitations that isn't in the format you're used to.

For electricians, an Ohm's Law converter is on board, for moving from amps, watts or volts to another unit. Other calculations including estimating the number of bricks needed, tile calculator, concrete volume, lumber volume and land area. As with many free apps, there are a few ads that show up, but they're not overly intrusive and don't impact the functionality of the calculator.

This calculator makes it simple to work in feet, inches and fractions of an inch. Unfortunately, the values you've entered will be cleared when the screen is shut off, and the process of converting units can be time-consuming. However, it's generally a good option for pros who are checking math and is a common tool for inspectors.

If you're looking for a solid construction calculator app for iOS, Construction Calculator delivers solid performance for a free, ad-free app. It has great capabilities for framing and carpentry work, with a stair and rafter solution finder, easy conversion between units and works well with both fractions and decimals.

When you have people on your crew who have a habit of hollering off numbers in both inches and feet, it can be frustrating trying to convert between units in your head, especially when you're in a rush to finish estimating a project or ordering materials. The Feet & Inches Construction Calculator solves this problem for both Android and iOS users by providing a pair of 10-key entry pads next to each other, one for feet and the other for inches. Once you've finished entering in all of your measurements, it simply provides you with a standard output for your calculations, making it much easier to finish calculating how much materials you'll need for your projects. There is some issue moving between measurement systems, such as imperial and metric, but once the learning curve is conquered, it's much easier to use.

This simple app is pretty impressive with a wide range of tools for diverse mathematical actions. With the same app, you get a scientific and graphing calculator, unit converter, statistics tool, and a good reference for all required formulas, constants and other important information.

HiEdu Scientific Calculator: He-570 is a simply powerful best scientific calculator app that includes standard, scientific, and programmed modes, as well as unit converter, number system conversion, and the equations solver.

Inbuilt Programmers can convert numbers between different number bases (2/8/10/16). The display shows numbers in binary, hexadecimal, octal, and decimal, the input can be in binary, hexadecimal, octal, or decimal. Almost all unit Converters required in day to day life are included like Currency (US dollar, UK pound, IN rupee, JP yen). temperature (celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin), Length (kilometers, miles, meters, yards, feet).


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