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I Try -Macy Gray

We have had one report of the screen appearing gray when starting a screen capture session. An example is shown below. In this particular case the solution was to run the ScreenSteps.exe in Windows 8 compatibility mode.

I try -Macy Gray

the problem was because I used a Positioned widget inside some another Widget that makes a problem. after removing a Positioned widget in all screen that I used and build the app again everything works --release mode we can't see any log but in debug mode after I read all log I see I had to remove the Positioned widget. in --release mode a gray screen is equal to red screen in debug mode. but I have not any red screen in debug mode in this happen make hard for me debugging

Whenever I try to edit and export a livery in XP11 using the standard DDS files, it turns the corresponding area blank and gray (e.g if I try to edit, I export and load the livery and the fuselage is gray.) What am I doing wrong?

Today for first time, I had three similar 8-page newspaper documents open and one of them displayed only a gray box where the front page photo (full page image) had displayed before. I tried checking all display settings and could not bring the image back. Meanwhile, other full page ads got gray boxes also. The other two documents displayed similar content with no problem.

Well, my hairdresser shot that idea right down, saying my hair is still too dark to dye it gray. Doing that would require a huge amount of processing, which would inevitably leave my hair dry, brittle and weak. (NO THANKS!)

The color changed: The hairdresser toned my extensions when they got them in hand so they would be more of an exact match for my hair. This tone wore off over time and my extensions became more of a warm blonde instead of the cool gray I prefer.

Do you use oVertone on your gray? Got any tips for those looking to change it up? We want to know about it, and we want to see it! Post your pics and tag #oVertoneColor so we can check them out and share them with the world!

I stopped coloring my hair brown and let the gray/silver/white color grow out. So glad I did but the white bits wash me out a bit. I have been experimenting with overtone and I love how the extreme shade of silver turns my hair a metal gray with blue tone. Your products are great. I am very curious about how your new brown line will work in my hair if I want to be brunette again for a few days.

I have about 50% gray and the rest medium brown. I purchased the extreme purple and my gray is now a deep purple and my remaining hair a much darker brown. I am happy with the results. With that said, I am going to go with a lighter version of purple next time around.

You will probably be happily surprised to find that your gray hair actually helps brighten up your complexion and makes your skin glow. But, if this is not your experience, there are still some things you can do:

The colors that looked great on you before your transition to gray may no longer suit you. Start going through your clothes and donate the ones that wash you out. Try to focus on the colors that make your gray hair pop!

Jen Thoden, a color expert, has a free webinar dedicated to helping gray-haired women find their complementary colors. You can also find more information in my post about what colors look best with gray hair.

Please do me a favor and share this post to social media, as it helps me grow my audience and spread the word about our Silver Revolution! And remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Pinterest Feed for more gray hair tips and product recommendations. Thanks!

Loved your post, so many excellent tips! I am painting a living room which has high ceilings, poor natural lighting and oak trim around the windows and doors. Is there a gray shade you suggest given these factors?

I absolutely love reading all your articles. I am having a difficult time deciding on a color. I am debating between revere pewter, anew gray, or amazing gray. We are painting our open floor plan, main areas all the same color which face East, West, and North and has a good amount of natural light. Any suggestions on which to pick? Thank you for your help!!! ?

Im completely torn and have purchased at least 10 sample paints that i love until i put them on my walls. Im replacing all my browns and taupes to black, grays & whites.I have just bit the bullet and painted out my oak staircase white my is next to be white.I have painted my kitchen walls Peppercorn SW (I love the dramatic look) against my white California shutters. I have also painted all my interior doors Beluga by Behr (black to the eye)Now Im looking for the Perfect Gray for my foyer and my upper hallway to compliment to black interior doors and the peppercorn kitchen.The lightening in my home isnt excepting of the Greiges (turns them peachy or brown). I would like a true grey, im fine with a blue undertone opposed to green, brown or purple.Ive sampled Collonade SW, Coventry Gray BM, Passive SW, Woodsmoke SW, Driftwood Grey MS, Revere Pewter BM. To name a few.None have the umph Im looking for, I want the doors to pop and the look to be classic, sleek, modern.Please help, im gray blind at this point

Hi Kylie,I have half of my open living/kitchen area painted SW Amazing Gray, but am uncertain if it is a good fit. You mentioned above that this paint color has a brown/taupe underdone. Throughout the day I see more of a blue undertone to it, and at night it will look slightly more gray. I have honey oak trim and cabinets and am wondering if this can cause more of a blue tone to come out. I have been doing research, but cannot come up with a clear answer. I was hoping for more of a neutral gray that will go well with honey oak wood work, brown counter tops and black appliances. I am tempted to bite the bullet and paint my remaining walls to see if the coloring improves once all of my current beige walls are covered and I no longer have another color to compare to, but prefer not to spend another $100 on paint that could potential be a poor choice. Would you be able to offer suggestions on a gray that goes well with honey oak and do you have any feedback on why I am seeing a blue undertone with the Amazing Gray? Thank you!

Great review of grays. In my new house focusing on cool colors, I have used Repose gray with SW Pure white trim and I love it. My son wants to use Mindful Gray in their main living/kitchen area which gets a good amount of natural light and Repose gray in halls with less light. What is the best trim color for both? Unfortunately their blinds are more of an off-white color. Thanks

Thank you so much for your thorough reviews of these gray colors! It is so helpful. I noticed the discussions on these centered around using these colors on the walls. Any thoughts on using them for cabinets? We will be painting our upper kitchen cabinets in SW Antique White and would like to paint the bases gray. Any suggestion on SW gray colors to focus on?

Hi Kylie,Love your helpful website! Looking to paint a bedroom with white trim and light gray walls. I have blush/pink faux silk curtains and a pretty soft blush quilt with white linens underneath. I was wondering if you might suggest a gray that would be a pretty compliment to the pink. I love wearing gray with pink and thought it would be lovely in a bedroom. Thanks so much !

Your articles are very informative! We are building a farmhouse and deciding on paint colors. I believe I will like warm white walls in the open areas and a warm gray in the bedrooms. Do you think SW- Dover White and SW- Repose Gray will work well together along with SW-Alabaster trim?

We are building a log home. With so much wood I wanted my kitchen to make a statement. I was leaning towards grey cabinets and wanted my hood to be a focal point. What color gray would you think would look best in a log home? I have looked at so many pictures, that its overwhelming.Thank youShirley

I have really been enjoying your blog and I love gray paint and am excited to paint my living room/dining room gray. I typically prefer the cooler grays but I have a bluish/gray couch from the Shelter collection, West Elm. I am thinking something along the lines of Agreeable Gray would look a little better on the walls than a cool gray. Is there anyway you would be able to steer me in the right direction? Thank you!!

Just wanted to let you know I settled on collingdale for the walls and am hoping the painter can tint his preferred trim paint white dove. Thinking to do our built ins dark gray or black. Would love your opinion.

I love your wealth of information on your website, and I find the information about LRV especially helpful. Thank you. In your opinion what is the difference between BM Edgecomb Gray and SW Agreeable gray. Both are warm grays, but I think that BM Edgecomb is a bit more greige. Would one work better in a combo light room (meaning an open room with a lot of light in one area and the other space a little darker?

I am building a home and we are leaning towards Light French Gray for an interior color. We have had terrible issues in the past with grays tinting blue and purple in different lights. What are your thoughts on Light French Gray? Is it likely to taint another color?

If two page view is still selected in Drake14 when you first open Drake15 and view a return in Basic View (regardless whether Drake14 is open), you see what appears to be a blank or gray screen. Changing Drake14 settings does not resolve the problem. You must select a Zoom Percentage in Drake15 Basic View.

Also, having long hair is a big part of my identity and I was already struggling a lot with self-esteem issues related to life transitions and menopause. I thought that adding short, gray hair to the mix might have been too much for me to handle along with aging, body changes, and hormonal weight gain. That may not have actually been true, but that was my thought process at the time. In retrospect, I should have been more willing to compromise and at least cut the brassiest bottom portion of my hair off. But as is often said, hindsight is 20/20. 041b061a72


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