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Subtitle Duel

Languages Available in: The download links above has Duelsubtitles in Arabic, Bengali, Big 5 Code, Chinese Bg Code, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi Persian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Malayalam, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese Languages.

subtitle Duel

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Reviewed by: Something Rotten: A Horatio Wilkes Mystery Deborah Stevenson Gratz, Alan Something Rotten: A Horatio Wilkes Mystery. Dial, 2007207p ISBN 978-0-8037-3216-2$16.99 R Gr. 7-12 As the title and subtitle hint, this mystery story is a revisioned Hamlet, here set in Denmark, Tennessee, the home of Horatio's boarding-school friend Hamilton Prince. The sudden death of Hamilton's father, owner of the lucrative Elsinore Paper Plant, and the swift remarriage of Hamilton's mother to her former brother-in-law has Hamilton suspicious; it doesn't help that he's still hung up on townie Olivia, who's the daughter of the Prince family lawyer and who's convinced that Elsinore has been covering up its dangerous and illegal pollution of the Copenhagen River. The overlay of Raymond Chandler onto the contemporary Shakespeare plot adds unnecessary gimmickry, but it does make Horatio's narration teen-appealingly snarky, and the rest of the story capably accentuates the elements likely to intrigue the YA audience: adult dishonesty, youthful disaffection, troubled romance. There's a hint of Chinatown as well as Chandler in the industrial pollution plot, but Gratz deftly uses that story to energize his updated Hamlet, and his alterations (Hamilton wavers between feigned and real alcoholism rather than madness, while the final face-off is a public hearing rather than a duel) are adroit and effective. The snappy patter and friendship-centered drama make this readable in its own right, and it would serve multiple curricular purposes by giving readers a chance to discuss the reasons behind the variants (Gratz kindly provides his main characters with a more hopeful ending than Shakespeare) and to gain additional understanding from viewing the plot at a different angle. Readers will find this enjoyable as a pleasure read and surprisingly painless as a curricular entry, and if the subtitle suggests sequels rather than "The rest is silence," can you really regret the continued crime-fighting adventures of Horatio and Hamlet?

The writer responds to a remark made by Col. Webb about the participation of African Americans in the recent election. (At the end of this editorial, the writer mentions Jonathan Cilley who was killed in a duel Col. Webb was responsible for instigating.)

Directed by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (France 1991) 99 min. With Pascal Benezech, Dominique Pinon, Marie-Laure DougnacYears before he helmed the fourth Alien film, Jeunet madeone of the most distinctive films of the 1990s, hailed for itsgrotesquely comic and touching tale of post-nuclear survival.French with English subtitles.

Jack D. Coombe is the author of two previous books on Civil War naval activities, Thunder Along the Mississippi (New York, 1998) and Gunfire Around the Gulf (New York, 1999), and this slim volume completes the trilogy. Each deals with one theater of the naval war, although for some reason they are subtitled so as to imply that their organization is chronological as well as geographical. Despite the subtitle here, this is not a book about just the early naval actions of the war, but about naval actions along the Atlantic coast throughout the war. Coombe includes coverage of Samuel F. Du Pont's 1861 Port Royal expedition, the Trent affair, the Union seizure of Pamlico Sound and Roanoke Island, and the 1864 battle between the Kearsarge and... 041b061a72


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