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Alan Parsons' Sound Check 2: The Best Audio Test Disc Ever Made

Alan Parsons is an underappreciated artist. He was the sound engineer on Pink Floyd's Grammy-nominated album, Dark Side of the Moon (he's the man behind the famous clock-ticking intro to Time), and he also worked as a sound engineer for the Beatles (Abbey Road). Additionally, he was the co-founder of the amazing Alan Parsons Project, which has both artistic and commercial successes on its record. The biggest one (in terms of music quality) is, without any doubt, the album I Robot from 1977. It was the band's second record, a concept album whose plot was loosely based upon Isaac Asimov's novel, also entitled I Robot. After over 35 years since the album's release, a proper re-release has finally come around. The whole thing was released in the prestigious Legacy Edition series, and in addition to the new remaster, the album also contains a second disc with extra tracks, different mixes of the old originals, as well as audio recordings of the radio commercials that promoted the album's release.

Extra Quality Alan Parsons Sound Check 2 Audio Test And Demonstration CD 2003


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