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You Have Requested : Inazuma.Eleven.Orion.No.Ko... [NEW]

He first appeared in episode 29 where he went to Fifth Sector's base to visit Ishido Shuuji. It is said that Gouenji or Ishido Shuuji had requested him to become Kidokawa Seishuu's coach to avoid the team from falling apart because of the constant fights between the older and younger players. Then when about "Ishido Shuuji" was about to tell him the stadium they were going to play at he said he didn't need to know to have a fair match against Raimon. After that, he appeared again asking Kidokawa Seishuu's captain for directions to where Kidokawa Seishuu is. When everyone entered Holy Liner he was the last one to enter which surprised Kidou and Otonashi because they weren't aware that he was Kidokawa Seishuu's coach. During a flashback, it is shown that Aphrodi became Kidokawa Seishuu's coach to protect the players from destroying themselves with their violent soccer. Despite (apparently) being with Fifth Sector, he seems to have remained good-will towards Raimon and he looked like he was truly enjoying the challenge of competing against them.

You have requested : Inazuma.Eleven.Orion.No.Ko...

You have to defeat Zeus in the friendly match (When Gazel/Burn uses Northern Impact/Atomic Flare on Aki and Fubuki). Then, once you scout/recruit Aphrodi go to the Steel Tower Plaza. There's a pond at the top right, with 3 dots. Remember their positions and climb up the tower. Keep re-entering the tower until you see a fourth dot, because that will be Aphrodi. When you challenge Aphrodi you have to play two battles against him.

First you must defeat Fire Dragon on Hirai Shinzou's taisen route to recruit him. Then you choose him in the machine. You will find him by the FFI Office fountain. He appears randomly. You have to defeat him 3 times.

In the Big Bang version of the game, Aphrodi can be recruited by selecting him as one of the players that will join Earth Eleven for the Grand Celesta Galaxy. Otherwise, in order to recruit Aphrodi, Ixal Fleet has to be defeated first in the story mode and 10 players have to be scouted from the same community master to make him a scoutable option.Also, the following requirements are needed:

-It's true, but we still have fun when we're together. Although the way the coach trains us sometimes ... are very rare-laugh nervously when remembering the different methods that the Chinese used with them to "train" from his days in Raimon which completely misses the Russian when he sees the attitude that the protagonist had.

The feelings were the same, their ties strengthened in a few days. This time, they had to make an effort as they had a new goal: To be a family ... as it should have been in the past only, this time, it will happen with a pure Orion ... as it was in the past and it will be with the future.

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Silver: Maverick, we're Reploids, we didn't go to school. But you raise a good subject from that. While it can be hard following your dreams for being pushed around so often or for being different to say, eighty percent of the world's population, these two combatants have pushed past their difficulties to get to the heights of which they are at now.

Maverick: But of course, this is a Death Battle, no mere game of soccer, and it turns out that some of Endou's abilities could work out for a fight, let alone being a goalkeeper. These techniques are called "Hissatsu", and to be honest with you here, they are sort of like Stands for Endou. Only difference is that he can have multiple different Hissatsu with their own unique skills.

Silver: 'Sigh', the conversations I have with you while doing this job... anyway, back on topic for the last moment, the fact that Endou is even considered a figure to look up to by anyone of the new generation is a testament to the impact he left, not just as a goalkeeper for Raimon's team, but as a goalkeeper for the legendary team of the Inazuma Japan! Really, you could say that Endou Mamoru did indeed live up to the name of his grandfather after all

Silver: In a world where eighty percent of the world's population has a superpower known as a "Quirk", you'd be hard pressed to find one of the twenty percent out there that were unfortunate enough to have not grown a Quirk in their lifetime. As was the case for young Izuku Midoriya.

Maverick: Growing up, Izuku admired his friend Katsuki Bakugou, and hung out with the kid with the explosive Quirk wishing to have a Quirk like him someday. This very same Midoriya also admired heroes, people who had used their Quirks for good deeds across the world to counter the people who used their Quirks for nefarious purposes. Chief among them was All Might, who was more of a father figure than Midoriya's own father, who learned from Jotaro's daddy and rarely ever saw his son.

Maverick: But what is One for All, you might be asking from behind the screen. Well, One for All is a Quirk that was created when the big bad known as All for One who had the power of stealing Quirks from others tried forcing a Quirk on to his younger brother, who didn't have a Quirk. But he actually did, right, and forcing that Quirk on to his brother who already had a Quirk which allowed him to pass his Quirk on created One for All, which eventually became All for One's... uh, "anti-Quirk" if you will.

The U.A student picked himself up and dusted off, as Endou was quick to defend himself. "I've already told you, I'm NOT one of the aliens!" he yelled back, with Midoriya charged with Full Cowling again. "A likely story! If you weren't one of them then you'd have no reason to be interacting with them, especially when they have been reported to leave the schools behind!" Midoriya retorted, with Endou fighting back. "That's not true!" he hissed back, but Midoriya wasn't having any of it despite how truthful Endou's defence was. While Reize, the alien, engaged in a soccer vs elements battle with Todoroki somewhere off in the distance, Midoriya was left with Endou, and charged towards him as if he was a bull seeing red. "I never thought I'd have to rely on my goalie skills to defend myself..." Endou thought to himself, "...but it works, and it's the only way to knock some sense into him, and I have to defend myself somehow."

"I'm sorry I have to do this over a misunderstanding, but I'm left with no other way because you won't listen. Majin the HAND!!!" Endou declared, twisting his body around and turning back to release Majin the Hand upon Izuku's Detroit Smash, the two fists colliding with such an incredible force behind both punches. It was clear that only one was walking away from this battle, be it dead or alive.

Maverick: Mourinho's tactics are quite defensive, with his "park the bus" tactics and whatnot, which represents Endou, right? Well Izuku's more aggressive and heavy attacking style are represented by Gerrard's Rangers team, who have a very aggressive style. The two contrasted one another very well, similarly to those two styles.

Maverick: Reize here is basically the captain of the team, and in one of Raimon's games against them, Reize and his teammate, Diam, teamed up to perform an all powerful move called the Universe Blast. Now, you might be thinking, "surely this is some exaggerated name for the move", and I reply with... have you seen this move!? It's a shot that rips through the fabric of space itself! Don't believe me, have a look for yourself.

Silver: That's not actually the case either Maverick, the canonical reasoning from the creators of the series behind why the ball doesn't destroy anything is that they are designed to "contain the power of the attack" within. I don't understand how they still don't destroy anything despite the power, but that's merely down to plot induced stupidity. However there have been very rare occasions in which the ball hasn't contained the attack power, such as Terumi's city busting feat. However, those occurrences are very rare, as we said.

Maverick: Alright then. Besides that, Endou and Izuku could point out strategies and weak points in other opponents, as they have done in the past, but it was who's weak points were the most exploitable that decided the final outcome. While Izuku could push Endou's more defensive nature there wasn't much to exploit, as has been the realization of many an Inazuma Eleven villain in the past. On Endou's end though, there was a clear weakness that he could use to open Midoriya.

Silver: Deku may have had the fighting smarts and the fighting experience, yet Endou had the strength, durability, reactions and versatility to counter. Much to Maverick's shock and surprise, Endou the super goalkeeper just grabbed himself the most important clean sheet of the season.

Chrono: To be fair, though, there was a lot more going on behind the scenes than the accounts of the incident would have you believe. Reiji was in fact manipulated by a man who went by the name of Garshield Bayhan-

Chrono: -have plans to disband the team, the team itself was underwhelming. Not only were they under the minimum player requirement for a first eleven, let alone a full squad, none of the existing players had the passion or commitment that Endou had. 041b061a72


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