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Marshmello Halsey - Be Kind (Official Music Video)

Attention all Ariana Grande and The Weeknd fans! The highly anticipated remix of "Save Your Tears" is finally here - and it's better than ever. Featuring stunning visuals and breathtaking vocals, the official music video has taken the world by storm. But for those who can't get enough of this instant classic, we've got some good news: the mp3 download is available now! Get ready to add this epic collab to your playlist and hit repeat all day long.

Marshmello Halsey - Be Kind (Official Music Video)

While most people spent quarantine baking bread, TicToking, and teaching Grandma how to Zoom, Hannah Lux Davis was busy directing the Be Kind music video for the vibey summer single from Halsey and Marshmello.

Safety protocols allowed for less than 10 people on set, which required intricate planning prior to production, and little room for error on the day of. To pull it off, all blocking was coordinated over Zoom and despite a fractured ankle, Halsey learned all of the choreography over Zoom and did her own makeup for the shoot. The Be Kind video is a testament to the power of the imagination at a time when we need it most. Check out the BTS below for an inside look into their socially distanced music video!

The song's music video was released on June 27, 2020 and was directed by Hannah Lux Davis. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the video had to be shot by Halsey and Marshmello themselves as there wasn't any team physically operating the cameras.[6] It also required Halsey to learn choreography via FaceTime.[7] 041b061a72


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