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Buy Nikon D3400 Bundle

The Nikon D3400 itself is a powerhouse to take excellent photos. However, investing in a good bundle will give you a boost that would make your photography journey even better. A bundle would consist of accessories like a tripod, filters, lenses, cleaning kits, bags, etc. It can save you an overload of buying each item individually.

buy nikon d3400 bundle

An accessory bundle would add to this list and give you more things to play with. The camera company usually offers a bundle that is also called a kit. It would consist of an additional lens, an SD card, and a bag for the camera. These are all from Nikon, and they are a great choice.

This bundle is a true value addition to the camera, and it looks at every point of photographic need. It leaves no stone unturned and becomes the best all-around kit that is available for the Nikon D3400.

This bundle provides a solid class 10 SD card of 16GB from SanDisk. It is a top-notch choice and a very excellent addition. Unfortunately, the flash is very basic, and it only has a single brightness function.

The camera bundle gives cleaning tools such as a microfiber cloth, a dust cleaning pen, and a blower. These are small additions that I loved. It gives a basic yet the most utilitarian addition to the bundle. A card reader is also included, which is a welcome addition to the kit of good tools.

Overall, this d3400 package is well-rounded. The equipment in it is nice enough to get you started. You will want to buy this one if you are looking for a package that gives you everything with a standard lens.

This kit goes the extra mile to give you an additional lens that is the best beginner lens for zooming. It is a great bundle that would get you started and give you the flexibility to venture into wildlife photography and go closer to the subject via the optical zooming capabilities of the zoom lens. The kit comes with basic items such as the battery, charger, strap, bag, caps of a lens, and body.

The Nikon d3400 two lens kit has the standard all-rounder- an 18-55mm lens that is awesome for stabilization and vibration reduction. At the same time, 70-300mm is an original Nikkor lens specially designed for Nikon cameras. Both are compatible with a bunch of other cameras. So you can chip in with friends and barter the lenses for Nikon D3000, Nikon D3500, etc.

However, this is a very basic zoom package that only gives you an additional lens. Zoom lenses are heavy, and the 70-300mm is no exception to that. The absence of a tripod is the most pinching thing. An addition of cards would also be great for the package. Overall, you should only go for this Nikon d3400 camera bundle if you have a really tight budget that does not have a scope of increasing $50.

If you buy either of these, you can be assured that you would need nothing for at least a year or two for photographing anything in the world. With that said, go ahead, start your photographic journey with one of these bundles.

The Nikon D3400 has always been admired as a great camera for anyone who is looking to have a little fun outside. Now that it is armed with exclusive bundle deals, the prospect of buying the camera is all the more attractive. If you are planning on buying the Nikon D3400, make sure to pick one of the above-reviewed bundles!

The Nikon D3400 is small and easy to use, provides excellent image quality and delivers a solid performance as would be expected from a reputable brand like Nikon. And since you get 3 lenses in the kit, you will be ready to shoot no matter the subject. This bundle is ideal for the enthusiast ready to start your journey into photography. 041b061a72


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