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Dinossauro: O Guia Completo dos Répteis Gigantes

The title track was conceived during a bus trip. Vocalist and saxophonist Paulo Miklos showed his colleagues a tape with folk music by some Xingus.[2][12] Over that base, Branco Mello improvised the verses "Cabeça dinossauro/Cabeça dinossauro/Cabeça, cabeça, cabeça dinossauro"[11] and soon the lyrics were all done.[5] The percussion was performed by Liminha. After several elaborated attempts, he improvised with the walls, the floor and the pillars of the studio, and the "trance" performance was approved by all.[9]

Em um momento único na sede das Nações Unidas, em Nova Iorque, um dinossauro furioso entra no saguão da Assembleia Geral "para fazer um alerta aos diplomatas que ainda pensam que a ação climática é algo trivial".



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