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Shoppe Keep 2 WORK

The powerful and influential Selutarr, Jotunn and Squalo families have arrived in Customerania! Once you upgrade to a level 3 town, each family brings brand new items for you to use and sell in your Shoppe, but there's a catch. Each of the families will keep a close eye on how much of their stock you sell, impacting your reputation with them.An age-old rivalry between the three families means that they look unfavourably on you selling stock from their nemeses! Selling an item from a family will increase your reputation with them, while also decreasing your reputation with the other two families. Each family uses their power to either give you buffs or debuffs depending on your reputation with them.Each family has their own little space in the open world of Customerania, so make sure to go and give each of them a visit!Selutarr FamilyIf you have a positive reputation with the Selutarr family, they will reward you with...

Shoppe Keep 2

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Shoppe Keep 2 is whimsical business management game that builds on the well received original, introducing online multiplayer and lots of new features to make for a more expansive take on its RPG shopkeeping gameplay.

Playable in single player or online with up to four people, in Shoppe Keep 2 you take control of a merchant in a fantasy RPG, building your retail empire while adventurers are out slaying beasts and getting into trouble. In the game you run your very own adventurers shop (shoppe), where you sell potions, weapon and armor to your customers.

You can choose how you want to run your business, purchasing stock from different suppliers, employing helper bots to automate the shoppe and crafting new products from ingredients. You can even equip your own weapons and armor and go out into the forest, battling monsters to earn some more sweet loot that you can sell in your shop (or wear yourself).

RPGs have featured countless shops over the years but few games showcase what it's like to actually run one. From menial tasks to managerial decisions, Shoppe Keep will keep you busy optimizing your little store so let's make some precious gold.

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