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CleanShot X 4.5 FiXED

In preparation for ClickUp 3.0, we have fixed a bunch of bugs and improved your app's performance! We have also added the ability to view subtasks as separate tasks in List view (in the filters section).

CleanShot X 4.5 FiXED

This update brings several fixes. For instance, they have fixed the issue with content being pasted as images and not as text. They also fixed the issue with the snap feature remaining enabled even though the user has disabled it. Crashes while you undo actions are also fixed. The update includes a bunch of design improvements as well.

Luminar Neo 1.4.1: Enjoy a smoother experienceThe Skylum Team keeps delivering. Welcome Luminar Neo's new update! In Luminar Neo Update 1.4.1, they've fixed a number of bugs. Now you can use the app even more smoothly and without encountering unexpected behaviors. 041b061a72


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