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132 GB Mega Pack

@Aerona 11 is ok but it's the whole adding and changing things. That was fine when megaman was huge but when there has been a huge hiatus I feel like they should have brought one out based around the ones that were popular Otherwise you lose people.

132 GB Mega Pack


Glad to see mega man 11 rank high amongst the original series. Only 2, 3, and 9 beat it. I was listening to retronauts and they ranked it dead last... I respect those people and everything but it definitely seemed like "old man yells at cloud" justification for its low rank.

The ranking of the entirety of Battle Network makes this list questionable. I can only assume most didn't play them.I mean, I can accept people prefer Mega as a platformer, but please let's be honest, people put the entirety of BN and Star Force under some of the worst platformer mega man, like, really, the same games everyone says they suck are above some of the beloved BN, wtf...

Haven't seen anyone mention Legends 2. I saw MM64, which was great, but Mega is still stuck in space and no one seems to care. Legends 2 was an amazing game. I know it wasn't a Nintendo game (which I didnt see as a requirement from the articles title), but as previously stated, they didnt even list all the megaman games on nintendo consoles. Still though, MM2 has to be my favorite simply from nostalgia.

Not much of a Megaman guy, I've played the NES titles 1 through 5, and 7 & 8 and I think it was X4 that had the funny voice acting, that's about it, all of it was alright but not amazing, I'll take many other action-platform-shooters before these. Sole expection is the PSP megaman game, The remake of Megaman 1, Megaman Powered Up, That game is awesome with its extensive level creator and playable boss characters, it's too bad it's probably gonna be forever stuck on the system.

You can purchase a Super Pack Data Top Up at any time you like as long as your total data balance at any time does not exceed 200GB above your pack's included data allowance. Any Data Top Up you purchase will expire at the same time as your Super Pack, regardless of when you purchase it so please refer to the information displayed when you select the Top Up for purchase as this will tell you how long you have left to use your Data Top Up.

Recharge with the same Pack or a Super Pack with higher value within 24 hours of your $159 Super Pack expiring and your unused data will rollover and over and over. Your pack data will be used before your rollover data so you should never get caught data short. Conditions apply, check here.

Sample packs form a very integral part of the modern-day music production process. The sounds you scroll through in your sample library heavily influence how your song will shape. Sounds also inspire you and have the potential to spark creative musical ideas in your mind. No matter what the genre might be, there are plenty of sample packs available. Some producers even use sample packs outside of their genre to get inspiration and build their unique sound. Nowadays, you can also get sample packs from professionals such as Ben Böhmer, KSHMR, etc. as well who are currently industry leaders in their specific genre. Understanding the burden of scrolling through endless websites to find the right sample pack, we have built a list of the 50 Best Sample Packs in 2023.

Ben Böhmer has created his legacy in the music community becoming one of the most sought-after artists of this generation. This Melodic Deep Sound Pack by Production Music Live will give you access to his sound and style. The pack includes full projects, a complete sample pack, and tutorials made by Ben Böhmer himself which makes the sample pack so good and interesting. Dive into his sound and learn from the pro.

Production Music Live has a variety of products including tutorials, videos, and sample packs. This bundle here gives you access to every sample pack made by the brand. It includes sample packs from their artist series, acoustic sample packs, Serum presets, and drums sample packs made for every genre. If you want to have access to a huge library and are interested in some great samples this is something for you.

Dub Techno Chords 3 is inspired by the sounds of Innervisions, Keinemusic, and DJ Dixon. Drag and drop from a wide collection of synth loops, kick drum loops, spheric vocal loops, acid loops, and African percussion loops straight into any DAW and control them through any software/hardware sampler. This sample pack is suitable for both techno and tech-house and comes at a price of 25.95.

r-loops is a sample pack marketplace and have now completed 10 years in this industry. To celebrate this massive occasion they have launched major discounts on their sample packs and products. This Bundle features up to 40 sample packs(starter, loaded and ultimate bundle) containing construction kits, loops & MIDI inspired by the sounds of Metro Boomin, Trippie Redd, Juice WRLD, and more. Getting all these sample packs starting as low as $11.99 which is a massive steal and only a limited-time deal. Definitely one of the best trap sample packs at the moment.

Melodic House is currently one of the most popular genres. Production Music Live created Acoustic Melodic House Themes in collaboration with Orchestral Tools and has achieved to create 550+ themes that will work great in your productions. These themes have the potential to make your music more interesting and distinctively unique. Definitely one of the best sample packs on the list.

Speaking about sample packs with tutorials and full projects, the popular melodic techno label Stil Vor Talent also has one on PML. It contains a variation of 4 FX Racks, 300+ Samples, a piano chord progression generator for more diversity, 4 Ableton instruments, and a 30 minutes tutorial. Another top high-quality sample pack to boost your music.

Lo-Fi Deep House sample pack is stacked with Atmosphere Loops, Drum Samples, Kicks, Lead One Shot, Melodic Loops, Efx Loops, and more. The pack takes you through a journey of deep sounds that were recorded with a specific recording process such as a degraded audio signal or fluctuations in tape speed mixed with a house music touch for a warmer vision of music.

Part of a collection of packs made in conjunction with big-name producers, Trademark Series- Shadow Child profiles the veteran British artist and his signature sound. Heavily analog-flavored yet still diverse and dynamic, this pack is worth checking out for anyone who wants quality house samples.

Audentity is a high-quality provider of Sample Pack and they prove it with the Pop Bundle 2022. It is made for many diverse Pop genres and each sound is processed in the best way possible, With over 800 samples and sounds, 11 complete vocals, 100+ MIDIs, and 30 vocal chops this pack has everything you need to make a great Pop song and enhance your productions.

More than 4GB of melodic techno content is compiled into this sample pack. A total of 630 samples are tempo & key labeled as 24-bit WAV files. Expect drum hits ranging from cymbals to kicks, loops ranging from full mixes to MIDI, and one-shots ranging from synths to FX. Chrysalis is available for a price of $60.

Artists Kicks by Bound to Divide is a great tool to make sure you have the right kick sample for your track. Finding an appropriate kick for your track can be quite a struggle sometimes and this sample pack is here to ease your struggle. Inspired from a variety of different artists & genres, the pack contains a total of 15 kicks.

Unabashedly raw and gritty, this pack from Origin Sound contains loads of thumping drums and menacingly catchy loops. Everything a trap producer needs to make booming and memorable beats is right here.

As groovy and smooth as the name suggests, Soulful Cuts from Origin Sound brings perfectly chill RnB vibes to Splice. Plenty of tasty piano and guitar loops make this pack ideal for cutting and slicing.

Echo Sound works are no stranger in the sample pack community and with VIBES they have created a masterpiece. The sample pack is made for Cthulhu and contains 2000 chords, 250 MIDI files, 95 Cthulhu presets, 85 Serum presets 3 construction kits, and 5 amazing tutorial videos, on how to use the presets.

Known for being part of influential collective Odd Future and as the bandleader for the acclaimed group The Internet, multi-talented artist Syd lends her name to a pack that oozes her trademark cool, unconventional style. A bit lo-fi, a bit offbeat, but very, very compelling.

Inspired by some of the biggest chart-toppers of the 21st century (The Weeknd, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigio, etc), Lust: Modern Pop Kits from Big Fish Audio is a giant pack bursting with pop power. Using real guitars, pedals, and mics ready to be mixed and matched, this pack only needs your creativity to be complete.

Nu-Disco has been rising exponentially in popularity over the past few years. Future Anthems Vol. 3 includes ultra funky guitars, uplifting piano motifs, vintage electric keys, luscious analog synths & future funk bass licks. A total of 281 files are included within the pack. One of the top Nu Disco sample packs in 2022.

Aquila Beats released Colors 3 and is set to give you an instant boost in your trap and hip-hop productions. They have recorded live guitars to enhance your music with more natural-sounding samples. The pack includes more than 80 WAV files and 61 MIDI files which are all key-labeled.

Regal Loops Hip Hop Patriot by Regal Loops is a great pack to start a heavy Hip-hop production with. This total bundle is one of the biggest sample packs we have on this list and it contains over 2279 samples and a set of 75 construction kits to provide you with endless inspiration and ideas in the studio. Apart from the construction kits, you can also work with the 10 included MIDI files to create your chord progressions and melodies. 041b061a72


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