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Joe I Wanna Know (Audio) BEST

On November 15th, 2021, TikToker[9] @parchaking7 posted the first known variant of the above video. In his video (shown below, left) he also lip-dubbed the audio, recreating the movements and the body language of the characters within the video as well. Additionally, he jumps up and kicks his legs out when the audio says, "Bing Bong!" His TikTok received 3.5 million plays and 693,100 likes in three weeks' time. Other TikTokers mimicked his flamboyant recreation of the video in the days following, like TikToker[10] @justremyy who also jumped up when the audio said "Bing Bong!" in his video (shown below, right).

Joe I Wanna Know (Audio)

Going into the rest of November 2021, the audio continued to gain traction on the platform. On November 18th, 2021, the Sidetalk host of the original video, known as GORILLA NEMS, used the audio to recreate the iconic "Coney Island Ski Club" video with the people from the actual video. His TikTok[11] (shown below) received roughly 27.1 million plays and 5.1 million likes in less than one month.

I wrote the 9 23 13 question regarding Penner/Dearborn. I know conclusively that his mom and dad indeed lived in Dearborn in 1925 on Salina Street. In fact, it was 3427 Salina. Do you have any data on his coming and going during that period. He later moved his mom and dad to California. I would think between 1925 and 1932/33 the family was firmly living there and possibly he would visit. Old timers have memories of his presence only they are no longer with us. Please advise.

Ghanaian Singer, Rapper, Music Writer, and Producer, Raphael Kofi Attachie , known in the music circles as Camidoh released a new single hot banger titled, Sugarcane.

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