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PCclone EX Lite: How to Download, Install, and Activate the Software with a Serial Key

What is PCclone EX Lite and why do you need a serial key?

PCclone EX Lite is a disk cloning and backup software developed by FNet Inc. It allows you to create an exact copy of your hard drive or partition, including all data, files, and settings. You can use it to backup your system, personal files, or entire disk to an external USB HDD. You can also restore your data from a backup image or a cloned disk in case of system failure, virus attack, or other disasters.

serial key pcclone ex lite

PCclone EX Lite is designed to be easy and convenient to use. It has a user-friendly graphical interface that lets you configure your backup and restore options. It also has a quick launch feature that enables you to access your external USB HDD in seconds. Moreover, it has a one button file backup function that allows you to backup your data with a single click of a mouse button.

However, PCclone EX Lite is not a free software. You need a valid serial key to activate it and use its full features. A serial key is a unique code that verifies that you have purchased a legitimate copy of the software. Without a serial key, you will not be able to install or run PCclone EX Lite on your computer.

So how can you get a serial key for PCclone EX Lite? And what are the benefits of using this software? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will show you how to download and install PCclone EX Lite, how to use it to backup and restore your data, how to find a valid serial key for it, and what are some alternatives to it. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of PCclone EX Lite and its features.

How to download and install PCclone EX Lite?

The first step to use PCclone EX Lite is to download and install it on your computer. You can get the software from the official website of FNet Inc. or from other sources that offer it. Here are the steps to download and install PCclone EX Lite from the official website:

  • Go to and click on the "Download" button.

  • Select the language and version of PCclone EX Lite that you want to download and click on the "Download" button again.

  • Save the file to your computer and run it as an administrator.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.

  • Restart your computer if prompted.

Note that you will need a serial key to activate PCclone EX Lite after installation. You can enter the serial key during the installation process or later when you run the software for the first time. If you don't have a serial key, you can skip this step and use PCclone EX Lite in trial mode for a limited time.

If you download PCclone EX Lite from other sources, such as third-party websites or forums, you may need to unzip or extract the file before running it. You may also need to scan the file for viruses or malware before installing it. Be careful of downloading PCclone EX Lite from untrusted sources, as they may contain fake or invalid serial keys, or even harmful programs that can damage your computer.

How to use PCclone EX Lite to backup and restore your data?

Once you have installed and activated PCclone EX Lite, you can use it to backup and restore your data easily and quickly. PCclone EX Lite has four main functions: one button file backup, file backup, file restore, and erase file backup. It also has a file manager that lets you access your external USB HDD directly. Let's take a look at each of these functions and how to use them.

One Button File Backup

This is the simplest and fastest way to backup your data with PCclone EX Lite. You just need to connect your external USB HDD to your computer and press the "One Button File Backup" button on your HDD or on the software interface. PCclone EX Lite will automatically backup all your files and folders on your computer's C drive (or any other drive that you select) to your external USB HDD. You can also set a password for your backup image to protect it from unauthorized access.

The advantages of using this function are that you don't need to configure any settings or select any files or folders manually. You can backup your data with a single click of a button. The disadvantages are that you may backup some unnecessary files or folders that you don't need, and that you may overwrite your previous backup image if you use the same external USB HDD.

File Backup

This is a more advanced and customized way to backup your data with PCclone EX Lite. You can select which files or folders you want to backup, where you want to save them, how often you want to backup them, and what compression level you want to use. You can also schedule your backups to run automatically at a specific time or frequency.

The advantages of using this function are that you have more control over your backup process and settings. You can backup only the files or folders that you need, save them in different locations, and optimize them for speed or size. The disadvantages are that you need to spend more time and effort to configure your backup options and select your files or folders manually.



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