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OK, the "King Arthur" is only the combination of all the previous bootlegs plus trailer material. Nothing new, but I intend to make another version with maybe 2 or 3 suites of my own, and of course amazing covers, Pearl Harbor style :o) So... patience my friend.About "The Thing" I'm not that sure, but I also suspect it's a mix of the bootleg and the official CD all that re-edited in film order.However I haven't found it in this 25 tracks form, I'm sorry. May I suggest you ask Morricone Lover or Eda-88 about it? They're far more Morricone experts than I am, you know...See ya!

mx rail rapidshare megaupload.rar

Thank you, my anonymous friend. Unfortunately it's not the complete score we're desperately looking for. It's the same as the official album, only re-edited in film order + the End Credits + trailer material.Thanks anyway!


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