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Help Zack continue to produce awesome content like his wearable subtitles by subscribing to him on YouTube. You can also hang out with Zack on Discord, and support his future builds by becoming a Patreon.

subtitle Pi

But this project, created by a maker known as Theloosearrow on Reddit, adds another missing piece to the puzzle by creating a closed captions effect for displaying subtitles. Using a Raspberry Pi and Arduino, this Raspberry Pi project overlays subtitles as closed captions while outputting video to a TV.

On the Pi, a custom Python script is used to both play videos and transmit SRT subtitle file data. It tells the Arduino when to play each line at a specific point in the video so everything synchronizes in real-time. The Arduino creates a closed caption signal using this subtitle data that the TV is able to natively display.

The glasses are "completely transparent, so it looks like they are in your normal field of vision," says Powell -- like a pilot's head-up display. Using a Microsoft API, the system can translate 37 languages. The Raspberry Pis, running the latest version of Debian Linux, power the subtitle interface and the TV display.

"The Bluetooth microphone streams across the network what I say... This is then recognised and passed through Microsoft's translation API, with a caching layer to improve performance of regularly used statements. Passing through this API service is the biggest delay in the subtitles.

So, long story short:Are there any alternatives to omxplayer with hardware accelerated decoding and subtitle support? For the past 10 years I've been using MPlayer (with various GUIs) or failing that, VLC, which pretty much covered everything. Preferably I'd like a solution that can be installed from a repository or at least something that will compile painlessly. I've just wasted several days of my free time trying to get a 5 GHz USB Wi-Fi driver to compile for the Pi, which I'd like to avoid doing again.

I'm running the server on a Raspberry Pi 4. My library is setup using .strm files from my IPTV provider. All files have embedded subtitles, and 90% is in ASS format. Most of the times the subtitles show up correct and works as intended. But some files/complete series is not working properly. The best example is from the serie "2 broke girls". The subtitle is showing the first line, but then it just dissapear. (subtitle still selected). When turning the subtitle off and then back on it shows again but still only for one line. Other movies/series the subtitle is visible for about 10 minutes (some up to 40 min) and suddenly it stops showing. Some files not showing subtitles at all.

this project is an intelligent hardware product mainly used to assist the audience rating of hearing impaired people.This product use the advanced speech recognition technology and specialized audio processing technology, the real-time voice into text, and through the intelligent algorithm to generate subtitles, automatic matching output video content after overlay, caption and pictures "a screen" is presented to deaf people, from now on to thoroughly solve the deaf people can't watch without subtitles broadcast video program or number of screen, is only to the quick.Auxiliary subtitle box appearance is shown

Some time ago, we presented you the OSMC media center, and more precisely, how to install it on your Raspberry Pi! As some of us have pointed out, in this article we are only talking about installing OSMC. Today, we will be pushing further to make your OSMC media center even more powerful by adding subtitle support with OpenSubtitles!

The tool we are going to present you will save you a lot of time on the search for a translation. Indeed, OpenSubTitle will automatically find the subtitle corresponding to the video you have launched, thanks to a large database

Once this is done, we will configure OpenSubtitles to retrieve the subtitles in the desired language(s). For that, we will return to "Parameter", but this time, it is the category "video" that interests us. It is in the "Subtitle" part that we can perform the configuration of OpenSubtitles. Select "Languages for subtitles to download". This section allows you to select the desired languages. Once the languages have been selected, you can confirm your choices with the "Ok" button on the right! Also in this section, go to "Service predefined for TV series", then check "". Perform the same operation for movies. OpenSubtitle is now well configured, ready to be used for your movie sessions!

If you choose a subtitle that is not synchronized with the movie or episode, two methods are available to you. You can simply select another subtitle, or you can set the offset manually via an option located in the subtitle part.

This is a python API which allows you to get the transcript/subtitles for a given YouTube video. It also works for automatically generated subtitles, supports translating subtitles and it does not require a headless browser, like other selenium based solutions do!

YouTube has a feature which allows you to automatically translate subtitles. This module also makes it possible to access this feature. To do so Transcript objects provide a translate() method, which returns a new translated Transcript object:

To enhance your viewing experience in Kodi, now it offers built-in subtitles support. Have you ever tried this feature? Do you know how to get subtitles on Kodi? And this post will show you clear steps on how to get Kodi subtitles. Want to add text to the video for free? Try MiniTool MovieMaker.

Kodi is a free and open-source media player available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. With this software, you can stream movies, TV shows, pictures, videos, and listen to music, listen to the radio, and more. How to enable Kodi subtitles when you watch a video? Just follow the steps below.

Kodi offers several subtitles add-ons,,,,, Shooter, and Super Subtitles. And this part will show you how to get Kodi subtitles using

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