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Best Buy Geek Squad Kennewick ((TOP))

Got a similar email but it doesn't mention "geek squad." The sender's name is "Nathaniel BillingDept" and the ostensible billing amount is $379.99. The phone number given is 9736073182.

best buy geek squad kennewick


Today (2-14-2023) I received 3 emails similar to the above but with the phone number 1 802 549 6034. I went ahead and made a fake google number and called. It immediately took me to a call center rep with no bot or intro. I gave the rep my invoice number and he then directed me to a screen share website(only used by scammers and not geek squad). I asked him if he then told me to get my bank creds ready. I called him out and he told me to F*** off and hung up.

I received an email from intuit, geek squad, saying that day auto who removed my $349 I think it was from my bank account for renewal of my account with them. I have no account with any geek squad. Is this a scam I assume thank you.

These are very skilled talkers and they insist that they are helping you get a refund. They try to get on your homepage and then use the icons to suggest ways for you to get a phony refund. There really has been no charge at all. They also tell you to download a pay service and wire them $500.00. At this point the scam becomes evident. Then they say you will be sued unless you let them try to issue you a refund. They are very convincing and all have accents and have no idea what geek squad is. 041b061a72


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